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Use this page to request new features or enhancements to Sugar.

See also Request New Features.

Sugar Platform

  • satellit 02/18/2011
  1. always start sugar at Name_____ screen (not as many distros that start at Color____(for avitar).
  2. change avitar (CP/about me) name to match that logged in by user when first setting up sugar.
  3. Change IRC Name to match above and select the appropriate #channel for the distribution. This should be stored permanently until (CP/about me) is changed.


  • satellit 03/15/2011
  1. install sugar-emulator with command "sugar-emulator -f" as default
This would allow sugar emulator to match screen size of hardware it is running on and always be full screen
alternately provide a modal button on top frame of emulator window to switch to full screen and back at will.
until then we keep mentioning it, e.g. how to configure full screen.