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Below are links to and the todo lists of the teams within Sugar Labs.

Activity team

When you plan to take a task from the list, please sign and date it using four tildes.

* task name ˜˜˜˜

When a task is complete, strike it out.

<strike>task name</strike>

Community Tasks

  • Query ATeam members about skills, interest, time commitment. Wade 17:26, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Look for at least one additional coordinator. garycmartin now a co-co-ordinator.
  • Contact former + current activity developers. Wade 17:26, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
    • Ask about moving activities to (or mirroring). Garycmartin 22:00, 25 May 2009 (UTC) still in progress
    • Ask about joining the Activity Team or coming to meetings.
  • Write guides for Activity Authors. Pages should be located at Activity Team/Guides/Name. Don't forget to add links to Activity Team/Resources.
    • Gitorious tutorial. Overview of SSH key setup. How to create projects, make clones, request and accept merges. Solutions to common problems.
    • Localization tutorial. Intro to Python features, how to set up Pootle, deal with things like localizing images.
    • Posting tutorial. Take the migrating from OLPC document and produce a guide to posting newly developed activities.
    • Documentation tutorial. Guidelines for activity documentation, and perhaps instructions on how to create a FLOSS manual about your activity.
    • Integrate IMAGE from User:Cjl/Sandbox and add C (collaboration) and V (view source) and maybe a J (journal) or R (reflection) (CoVeR IMAGE)?
    • needs a "reading" or "literacy" or "words" category.
      • actually needs its categories reworked, could well turn into formal activity tags within the Sugar UI if we get it right Garycmartin 22:00, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

High Impact Tasks

These are tasks which will have a big impact on Sugar deployments. This is your chance to affect thousands of children in the developing world! This section will be updated frequently to feature the most urgent work the Activity Team has to do.

SWF activity launcher

Not directly related to Nepal deployment (I think), but Tomeu has been working on a gnash gtk widget called SWFEdit, there is some more information on his blog. I'll try to put up some demo activities and drum up some interest once I've had time to play! Garycmartin 03:20, 26 May 2009 (UTC)
Thanks to Tomeu's work there is some examples now.

Web activity launcher & framework - DONE!

Done - see the tutorial and the git.

Other deployments are using HTML+CSS+Javascript to make learning activities, but they currently have to be installed using the Library Collection feature of Sugar which is not well developed. We would like to build a 'web-activity' launcher script which allows Web based activities to be first class activities with icons on the home screens. This would involve making a new framework out of the source code to the Browse activity and submitting it upstream to the Development Team, in addition to writing the launcher script.

In progress. See Karma.

Maze collaboration

Maze is currently the most addictive multiplayer game on the XO, and it needs a further dusting of crack, including better statistics, handicaps, etc.

Quiz software

One of the top activity requests from deployments is a general purpose, collaborative Quiz activity. It should support creation of quizzes by teachers. It should support image, sound and text content, in the form of multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, etc. It should allow multiple students to take a quiz simultaneously by joining the activity. This project has been taken up by Tony Anderson. He hopes to have an initial version done by Feb 22.

I am still working on this - May 10 is current target date. Tony

Document Process to Add instruments to TamTam


Sugarize Scratch

Scratch has a huge following. If Sugar was the best or easiest way to use Scratch it would help our adoption. First step is getting it working on the latest version an put it up on the activity portal. Next is saving to the Journal and collaboration.

Infrastructure Tasks

  • Make (or work. See Activity Team/Remora_port.
  • Move projects owned by ATeam members over to and
    See Activity Team/How_to_migrate_from_OLPC for activity migration instructions.
    See Activity Team/Activity Status for a list of projects that need to be moved.
  • Bug IT to get us admin accounts for SL services.
    • Downloads. Wade 21:10, 10 February 2009 (UTC) will fill this need, for now we have to request individual accounts.
    • Trac (component creation) 21:10, 10 February 2009 (UTC) can create new components now.
  • Ask IT about activity repository mirroring. A read-only Git repository on SL which automatically pulls from a remote repository. We'll just ask authors to push a copy to Gitorious.
  • Flesh out structure for Activity Team wiki.Wade 01:34, 14 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Create Activity Team wiki structure page indicating where content is supposed to go. Wiki is doing pretty well now.
  • Bug IT to add helpful "git-clone" hints like on:;a=summary and/or instructions for developing within sugar like: (snipped) I moved this snippet to the Get Involved page, and Gitorious does offer push / clone urls. Wade 01:34, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

Development Tasks

  • Help SoaS and other distro packagers to get as many activities as possible working on plain Sugar (outside the XO software environment).
    See Activity Team/Activity Status for a list of projects that need to ported and/or tested.
  • Clean up activities. Bring .POT files up to date, check MANIFEST is correct, publish latest version to
    See Activity Team/Activity Status for a list of projects that need to cleaned up.
  • Build a list of "Rescue" activities: Ones which have not been worked on in a while but are close to being usable.
  • Build a list of "Help Wanted" activities: Great ideas or existing projects which need to be sugarized.
  • Generate spec for Web, SWF activities and deliver to Development Team.

Activity Feature Requests

This section is for feature requests for specific activities. As requests, there can be no guarantee as to the order in which we will process them, but we will do our best.

If you are a new activity developer, there are many small tasks here which would be a great way to get introduced to the project.

Adding new Toolbars

Activity Git repo with patches Comment
Typing Turtle git:// DONE. Waiting for merge request.
StopWatch git:// DONE. Moved Share and Keep buttons to main toolbar.
Help git:// DONE. Put navigation in main bar (like in Browse).
Distance git:// DONE by dirakx.
Maze git:// DONE. Moved Share to main bar.
Get Books git:// DONE. Moved book actions to main toolbar.
Words DONE. The UI can be improved.
Jukebox DONE.

Note: There are some activities that do not support the old toolbars, e.g., Edit. Should we be addressing this as well?? --I think we should address also backwards compatibility. so +1 to help modify these newer activities. --RafaelOrtiz 01:10, 31 May 2011 (EDT)

Turtle Art

  • Merge with TA with sensors.

See the addition to-do items here

Deployment team

See the Community To Do list for more items that need doing.


Deployments are encouraged to report or link here their needs for features, services, assistance from the Sugar Labs community.

A wiki table may be used, or for ease of editing, a bulleted or numbered list with an indented attribute list may be preferred.

  1. Facilitate communication between learners and developers. Implement ways to do so.
    priority: high champions: deployment leaders
  • Schedule byweekly meetings and announce then on IAEP/Sugar.
biweekly meetings are in the shared calendar
  • Determine Regional Sugar labs governance.
    • Create a set of principles
    • Create a strawman business model
  • Document and complement deployment guides.

SoaS Boston Schools

Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
One pager for internal use at Gardner Caroline High Draft is started

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
Easy Install for Mac emulation of Sugar Help Wanted! High Ticket #114 All Gardner teachers have Macbooks. We need to make it easy for them to install and try out Sugar.
Collaborate to improve professional development resources Caroline&Sebastian Medium Work out hiring and tasking an HGSE Intern and find out what other stakeholders should be involved

Deployment X

Deployment Y

Deployment Z


Design team

Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
Create a proper todo list Eben High Help is welcomed!
Update the Human Interface Guidelines Eben Normal
Transfer designs from w.l.o Eben Normal It makes sense for current and future design work to live on w.s.o instead.
Business card design christian 1 12/23/2008 From Marketing Team. Sugar Labs representatives need easy access to business cards.
Slide deck design christian 1 12/23/2008 Requested by Mchua for Marketing Team. Can we have a .odp template downloadeable from Marketing_Team/Presentations, for making cool-looking, SL-branded slide decks?

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes

Development team

Active Tasks

Task Owner Notes
Bug importer from to tomeu (w/m_stone's help) We need to do the Big Move of Sugar bugs. A one-time cost, fortunately. Ed has agreed that the bugs in OLPC trac will be closed with pointers to the SL trac.
Identifying bugs to move from to tomeu, erikos, marco We need a very *very* high-level assessment of bugs to be moved over. Basic, *basic* triage from knowledgeable developers.
Trim down SoaS image sdziallas SoaS-2 is slimmed down already SoaS-1 is not yet
Restructure the Development Team wiki marcopg (later I want to start adding documentation)
Adding buddies not tracked in the PS tomeu Punted to 0.86, when we kill the PS (wait... we're killing the PS?)
Setup mchua

Documentation team

Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes

User Documentation

We will need to create documentation for our own work, and we should contribute to OLPC documentation.

We need to decide on document formats and tools. At some point we will create new formats, based on our research into new textbook capabilities given Sugar software.

Education team

Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
outreach to Lesley University Walter high meeting with senior admin. Lesley has a great alumni network and tremendous outreach into classrooms throughout the US

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
See if any of Concord Consortium's free content and software can be brought into Sugar Owner Priority Next Milestone
Create an activity to allow storing and reading CAST books on Sugar Owner Priority Next Milestone

Infrastructure team

Unmaintained services

High-priority tasks

  • New css/template for ... or an entirely new rss aggregator
  • Move to a container
  • Document Docker (including new container creation, image maintenance and backups)


Marketing team

Please see this posting on what's needed:

Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
IRC guide for newbies NOBODY 1 12/23/2008 We need a simple guide for people who don't know how to use IRC. This should include (a) downloading clients for various OSes, and (b) using Mibbit, with screenshots. Connections via mibbit are no longer supported on freenode. You may wish to consider using instead. Further information over at
Beginner's guide to blogging Sugar JohnTierney 1 12/23/2008 We may have a number of people in our broader community who would like to blog about their experiences with Sugar, but don't know enough about how to blog. JT will work on a newbie's guide to blogging Sugar as he creates a blog himself. :)
Make the "Get Involved" page amazing gregdek 1 12/23/2008 Content on page is better. Still need strong TODO pages for individual teams; gregdek will drive that. We also need to move "get involved" to above the fold.
Create a sponsorship program walter 1 12/23/2008 In order to get corporate sponsors, we need to tell them what they get for their money.
Finish creation of the elevator pitch gregdek 1 12/23/2008 We have a bunch of pitches at Marketing Team/Elevator Pitch. gregdek will select a pitch by next meeting, possibly by voting on what we have now, or maybe by fiat.
Get everyone's blog aggregated at gregdek 1 weekly update We need the voices of Sugar Labs to be loud and clear. (12/2: 23 feeds.) (12/9: 23 feeds.) (12/16: 26 feeds.)
Business card design christian 1 12/23/2008 Sugar Labs representatives need easy access to business cards. Christian continues to work on simple, easy-to-use designs.
Slide deck design christian 1 12/23/2008 Requested by Mchua. Can we have a .odp template downloadeable from Marketing_Team/Presentations, for making cool-looking, SL-branded slide decks?
Professional Development Intern Caroline & Sebastian 1 12/23/2008 Interview Terri, Create workplan for PD. Terri is a grad student at Harvard GSE. Caroline has sent a proposal for how to fund hiring Terri, and Walter and Caroline will discuss this plan with the SFC.
FOSDEM swag Mchua 1 01/05/2009 For the attendees of Marketing Team/Events/FOSDEM_2009; we need stickers and Sugar Labs/Business cards to be delivered to the Sugar Labs booth. Mel, Greg, and Bernie are funding this out-of-pocket.
Landing/welcome page Mchua 1 01/05/2009 For the attendees of Marketing Team/Events/FOSDEM_2009, and beyond. We need to point to a gorgeous welcome page, some polish on Sugar Labs/Getting Involved, and people behind that page ready to jump in and welcome newcomers.
Upcoming events Mchua 1 02/03/2009 Review upcoming events and see if anyone has ideas/thoughts on what to do / what to send for them.

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
Create a sticker label design to create labels for Boothelper CDs we give away at conferences to go with Sugar on a Stick Owner Priority needed for conferences we want to promote SoaS at Notes


Active Tasks

  • Triaging

Requested Tasks

Help Test

Wiki Team

Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes

Ongoing Tasks

People are needed mostly for writing and editing, but there are many other ways of making a useful contribution. For example, simply pointing out errors (such as typos, grammar and spelling, and technical errors) is an extremely useful way to help.

  • Fix spelling and formatting errors
  • Simplify the structure of long pages
  • Organize untidy pages so that they are easy to read
  • Fix broken links
  • Add new documentation to the wiki
  • Add category tags where appropriate

Before you start contributing to the wiki, you should read the Wiki Guide for information on how to edit pages correctly. See the **Wiki Cleanup** page for tips on cleaning-up wiki pages.


The pages listed on Category:Cleanup are in need of a thorough cleanup.

These pages either:

  • Do not follow the standards of documentation,
  • Contain incorrect or out-of-date information, or
  • Are formatted incorrectly.

Feel free to dive in. Tidy up a page and remove the Cleanup **tag**!

If you find a page that needs to be cleaned up, DO NOT add it here. Follow the instructions as laid out on the Tag page.


Much of our work is getting the wiki organized. We look through Special:Allpages to ensure that content is in the correct place


Coordination between and

Move content between w.s.o and w.l.o so that it lands in the most appropriate place.


Want to contribute your knowledge?

As an open source Wiki, we have a wide range of individuals working to help expand our resource, and we want your help.

Check out the list of articles with the Needs Expansion tag for articles that are formatted correctly, but simply need to be expanded to cover the full topic.

See the Community TODO list for more things that need doing.