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ideas for further development

show which fractions were played

2011/10/1 Paulina Clares-García <

Thank you. I will look for downloads.
Now I see the bar and the number in the ball. I like the number in the ball.
But I have to be counting on the bar through the two different colors. I
also see, it shows me the range the ball has to hit the good point. I have
some ideas on this, I tell you.
I am imaging:
a) What about an another ball for showing the dimensions: ¼; ½; 2/3; into
different colors. How much is this quantity on a ball, a circle or other

If I understand you correctly, the idea would be for the ball to be a "pie chart" or some other visual indication of the fraction? Nice idea.

b) The number on the ball, as it is.
c) On the bar, with different colors (while the ball is going up, and
back to the bottom) it can be shown divided as well in many fractions; they
are only hints, but the right answer only the kid.

Could do that as well... perhaps on the way down in the trajectory?

I guess, the kid may associate the numbers, whit dimensions on figures
(circle), and on a decimal line (bottom line).

Chris and I discussed percentage, decimals, etc.

Another idea is on the faces. How do you see if besides a smiling face, also
a thinking face could appear? But they to be associated with, the correct
answer: circle and number. As well the thinking face could be shown with the
wrong number.

It is very small on the screen right now. But it would be good to know which types of answers the kids struggle with. I'll think more about it: maybe the fraction itself when they get it wrong and the fraction on a gold star when they get it right?

As of Version 8, there are labels on columns of smiley and frowning faces to show which answers the children get correct. --Walter 17:20, 21 October 2011 (EDT)

So when there are many faces on, they may suggest the kid or their teachers,
any awareness on fractions, so they may improve in the main topic; or
Fractions Bounce could give them the main challenges: more fractions based
on errors, or higher levels for many smiling faces ;=)
Besides, every X faces, you get points. So if 4 faces are 1 point, and it is
need 1.33 points to get the next level, how many faces the kid needs? So if
he has already 1.5 points, he can ask for his next level.

But what are the levels? % and decimal? More complex fractions?

The way it is currently set up, the denominator increases over time. But children (or teachers) can also enter arbitrary fractions through the customization toolbar. --Walter 17:20, 21 October 2011 (EDT)

For now, I want to see what you think on this. I am imaging how this can be
used for other intensions, as you said. May be, a timeline, and instead of
numbers, they could be facts on evolution life. Or 2/3, which could need 2
bounces on the bar, so kids need to hit (add) two times 1/3.

Maybe we need to make it something that the kids determine under a "gear" icon?

Let me know what you think on this, I look for more information on XO =)

All nice ideas. --Walter 16:41, 2 October 2011 (EDT)

Let user define new fractions/scales

Users should be able to add additional compound fractions, e.g. 15/16... Also, users should be able to define new scales, e.g., distance, weight, volume, etc. --Walter 10:21, 3 October 2011 (EDT)

Multiple balls

<walterbender> yes... it is a simple game to learn fractions...
<walterbender> give me ideas how to improve it
<ChristoferR> mmm
<ChristoferR> could put sums of fractions
<walterbender> ChristoferR: yes... that would add to the difficulty.
<ChristoferR> whit two ball
<walterbender> that is getting complicated... to move two balls at once :)
<walterbender> unless they move together, one balanced on top of the other?
<walterbender> maybe a little ball in between with a + or -?
<walterbender> could be fun :)
<ChristoferR> yes