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While the keyboard settings can be changed on the fly through either setxkbmap or the libxklavier python bindings - the language settings cannot be changed without a process restart. One possible solution is to conditionally run the introwindow as a separate process, and call the main sugar-session from that. (the display manager does the language choosing/setting for GNOME/KDE)

Thanks, Sayamindu

I was initially worried that the language and keyboard buttons would be a distraction from the clean, simple first impression of the Sugar start-up; but I like your subtle placement for the two icon only buttons. Could we make them use the same dark grey vs. light grey colors with an outer stroke, as per the (> Next) button? Happy to clean up the icons (I see the keyboard graphic is using a nasty black fill instead of transparent).

I'm assuming you plan to reuse the existing control panel language and keyboard modules so as to keep new code for the actual dialogues to a minimum?

Regards, --Gary