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Initial email

Before starting a discussion on the ML level about a distributed Wiki implementation, I'm seeking your thoughts for that topic.

The requirement from from the field is only one:

  • Having an "offline" Wiki.

People have started thinking about (and using) hgwiki,

But I'm thinking it should be a good idea to have in this offline/distributed wiki an option to behave as a distributed wiki for centralized MediaWiki servers (not only one, but several, e.g., SL's or even Wikipedia). It is better also for teaching (un-skilled) people at school only one markup language - the wikimedia dialect.

I didn't find better solutions except using mwlib (wikipedia uses it for exporting to pdf) as a renderer, keeping wiki page sources in a regular VCS, and having a client that will call mwlib to render the wiki and be a powerful editor for wiki pages (including necessary stuff like i18n, which might be done in client code, not like it is implemented in mediawiki, which is done in php on the server side and renders in http on client's one).

--alsroot 15:42, 9 December 2011 (EST)

1-) Could this off-line wiki be stored on an external USB Hard Drive.? (they are cheap)

  • Accessible from different sugar installations. with the deltas on it.
  • A Classroom of XO-1's by plugging in the USB-Hard Drive to a Student's X0-1 or booted SoaS.
  • external USB Hard Drive plugged into a School Server? (Sharing the output with a school full of XO-1's)

2-) Stored on a DVD or set of indexed DVD's with the (revisions/updates) on an accompanying USB-Stick storing the deltas

  • Syncing on command when connected to the Internet.
Or with the delta USB-stick by "sneaker-net" when transported to a connected computer?
  • Either would be a nice "Sneaker net", off line, Distribution method.--Satellit 14:45, 9 December 2011 (EST)
for "they are cheap", I should say it depends on the context :) It might be cheap for particular users, generally not the students, by it starts to be less cheap if we are talking about support a deployment. The another point, people need to make changes, at least implementation design should include this option, and share them with another users of this wiki. --alsroot 17:43, 10 December 2011 (EST)