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Install Test Table

  • Note: This top section is Background information
Go to section below for Test Results
  • Activities main page on Sugar Labs wiki: Activities
Also on the OLPC wiki: OLPC:Activities
Original wiki page: Talk:Sugar_on_a_Stick_release_process#Test_Matrix
  • Test

Did activity start-stop-save and resume from journal?

How To Test

On your PC:

  1. Download ASLOxo6-2.iso from
  2. Burn a DVD from ASLOxo6-2.iso
  3. Copy-Paste the contents of the DVD to a 2nd USB-stick; fat 16; labeled "ASLOxo" .

Boot a Soas USB or a Trisquel-5-Sugar/Soas Live CD

  1. Insert ASLOxo USB-stick into a USB slot, wait for it to mount.
  2. Click on the Journal icon under the central XO Avatar.
  3. Drop down to bottom-left corner of screen where there will appear show two icons.
  4. Click the 2nd USB icon (ASLOxo).(to the right of the journal icon)
  5. Drag-drop the desired application.xo from the displayed contents.
hold down the mouse button-left button on a 2 button mouse and drag the entry from the "ASLOxo" USB-stick listing to the sugar-journal icon in the left corner of the screen.
Another method is to click on the desired applications.xo in the listing of the ASLOxo USB-stick. - This will start the application and install it.
  • Each Activity should:
  • Start normally;
  • Shut down normally;
  • Collaborate (if that is an enabled feature);
  • Resume from the saved Journal;

All behavior should be identical to a download in Browse from (ASLO) [1].

List of activity home pages: Activities
OLPC Activities: OLPC:Activities
Sugar on a Stick/Activity Criteria: Talk:Sugar on a Stick/Activity Criteria
List of Activities by Number:

Activity Test Results up to Soas-v4

For F14(branched) Soas-v4 0.89.2 activity tests GO TO: Talk:Features/Soas_V4/ASLOxo_Activity_Test_Table Only Activities available on F14(branched) repository.

  • A Master list of Activities and testing in various versions of Sugar are listed below:
  • Key
USR=BOLD OK/X @=installed USR-i386-20100628.iso
Latest build apt-get install sugar* shown as (%)
Strawberry=yes/no Bold if Installed on .iso
XO-1 os16
yes/no (not bold)
yes&/no& = on os353pyg.img
yes/no = not on os353pyg.img

Did activity start-stop-save and resume from journal? (yes/no) / Is it on Soas-v3.iso(i) - Not on iso but on Fedora Repository(R)- Only on ASLO(A)
Alphabetic Numeric and olpc test [ ] R/i/A XO-1 os16=0.84.16 os353pyg=0.88.1 Dextrose Strawberry Soas-v1 0.84.2[2] Blueberry Soas-v2 0.86.3[3] USR latest build:[4] archive: [5] (OK/X) & Mirabelle-Soas-v3 0.88.1[6](yes/no) F14(Laughlin) Soas-v4 0.89.3[7][8] Collaboration Collaboration Notes and Bug No.
Abacus 13 4293 [9] A yes 17 yes yes yes OK yes Activities/Abacus
Analyze 8 [10] 4200 [11] R yes yes& yes yes yes OK@ YES Analyze is an Activity that displays your networking, X (graphical) display, and presence service status. It is useful to developers, testers and end-users as an easy way to monitor and submit data for monitoring/debugging networking/X issues.Activities/Analyze
APRS-xo 4087 A+Password   yes yes OK yes This amateur radio program will update your position and status on all of the global APRS web pages once every 10 minutes (Callsign & Password required)
Arithmetic 1 4204[12] A yes& 1 yes   yes OK@ yes yes Arithmetic is an activity that allows learners to compete in maths

challenges. Learners choose their a difficulty level and whether to do addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Challenges work by Arithmetic providing questions to every learner sharing the activity. Responses to those questions are checked and timed. The results are presented on a scoreboard."

Backup 4 4326[13] A             Backup stores the content of the Sugar Journal (or rather the Sugar data store) as multi-entry Journal entry bundles (JEBs) on external storage media.

The Restore activity can be used to write back the content of these bundles.

Supports any data store from 0.84 on, including those with version support.

blockhead-7 4207 A   yes   OK yes Game add Blocks to teach addition
Blockparty-7[14] 4232 A   yes   yes   falling blocks of various shapes- game
Browse 115 4024 [15] [16] i yes*108yes& 115 yes 108 yes 112 yes X YES shared bookmarks USR will not start
Calculate 30[17] 4076 [18] R yes& 32 yes yes yes 31,33 OK 37 yes 31,32 shared functions great calculator
calendario-1 Activities/calendario         OK yes   Calendario is daily activity for sugar, this will allow children to introduce activities per day so they are reminded of past, present and future activities. [19]

Card sort 5 4217 A   yes yes yes OK yes sort cards-game
Cartoon Builder-9[20] 4037 A   yes 5   OK@ yes MaMaMedia Cartoon Builder (put animations in strip and play)

Chat 66 4069 [21] i yes& 66 yes 65 yes yes yes67& yes [22] & leaves artifact on F1 neighborhood when originator exits
Clock-5 [23] 4191 [24] A   yes   yes OK@ yes A simple Activity to learn how to read and tell the time
colors-15 4067 A yes& 15 yes yes yes X@ NO=failed to start colors drawing program /USR starts but cannot draw
Color Deducto -4 4221 A   yes     yes a logic game involving deduction
Connect 22 [25] [26] R yes 22     yes* yes* yes "waiting for another player to join" [27]
deducto -4 4220 A         yes a logic game involving deduction
Develop-39[28] 4058 A       yes yes open-sugar-apps
distance 18[29] 4264 [30] A yes*yes& 20 NO & yes 19 X   yes &(crashed Strawberry?) C worked beween XO-1 and Acer Aspire One
Domino 8 4212 A   yes   yes yes game of dominos
DrGeoii-10[31][32] 4323[33] A yes 1008     yes 1008 OK yes Complex Geometry with Macros
Ecomundo-2 4213 A         YES rabbits vs fox game
Edit 6 27083         yes     text editor
Etoys-115[34] 4030 [35] i yes& 113 yes 101   yes 113 YES yes -- object sharing  
Finance-3 4040 R yes yes& 3 yes yes yes yes Double Entry books
Firefox-6 4262 [36] A+Password   yes   yes OK yes "failed to load" pop up message after exit, but works well
Flipsticks-6[37] 4044 R   yes 3 yes yes yes 7 X(@3) yes 6-8 animation game;stick figures/ USR fails to start
follow_me-3 4354               A simple little game which requires good concentration.

Pupils are presented with an ever increasing sequence of pictures which they have to imitate. The Best Score is 'remembered' so the game provides a continual challenge to improve. My best is 40.

Foodforce2-4 [38] 4206 A       yes yes learn about world hunger in interactive training
Fortune Maker   ASLOxo [39]         yes dungeon game
FotoToon 3     yes& 3         Photo Gallery
freecell-3   ASLOxo[40]   yes 1   yes X@ yes Card Game
Gcompris_administration-15.xo   ASLOxo [41]   yes yes yes OK yes Teachers Admin of Gcompris-15
Gcompris-15.xo [42]   ASLOxo [43]   yes yes OK yes Package of GCompris Programs (v9.3) Activities/GCompris
Get I A Books-6 4194 R yes& 6 yes 5 yes 5 yes 5 OK 6(@3) yes 5 and 6 5=Deja Vu PDF (B/W-Color)/EPUB 6=epub/pdf(bw)/DjVu Activities/Get_Internet_Archive_Books
Get_books-5 4304 A yes yes& 5 yes yes yes X yes pdf/epub
Help 10 4051 R            
Hop-a-round 2 4209 A       yes yes grasshopper teaches how to round numbers

Image viewer-14 4032 R yes& 14 yes 7   yes    
Implode-9 [44] 4086 [45] R yes& 9 yes   yes yes Delete sets of blocks
InfoSlicer-8 Activities/InfoSlicer 4042 A yes& 8** yes&5 yes fail X 5(@6) fail 5 no connection to internet @6 crashes while downloading images search causes crash **search works on XO-1
Irc 6 4029 i yes* 5 yes& 5 yes 5   yes 5 OK @5 yes freenode #sugar only USR #sugar & #olpc-help
Jam2Jam-2 4290 A   no     yes yes? music jam
Jigsaw puzzle 8 [46] 4046 A   yes 7 yes 7 yes X 8(@7) yes ? create and play with jigsaw puzzles
joke_machine-11[47] 4064 A   yes 10   yes X(@10) YES ?   USR failed to start
Jukebox-19 4045 R yes& 19** yes 8   OK 18   starts-no music to test with **Faint sound of record audio on XO-1
Kandid 5 4254 A yes* yes   OK 8 yes 8 evolving population of images *very slow load on XO-1 (Too Big)
Labyrinth-9 4078 R yes* yes& yes 7 yes yes 8OK 9(@8) yes join ideas in boxes (outliner)
Library-1   A   yes   yes yes journal viewer
Log-23[48] 4056 [49] i no yes& 23 yes18 yes yes OK@ yes  
Maze 6 [50] 4071 [51] R   yes   no OK@ yes yes navigate a maze with cursor arrows
Map-2 8 Activities/Map olpc:Map_(activity) 4211 A   yes yes 8 yes 2 8 yes 2 Road maps+satellit Google Maps-searchable
Mapstats-1 4202 A   yes   yes* yes* * number entry field does not always work
Measure-30[52] 4197 Measure 32 A yes& 31 no 29 yes yes yes 32 X yes yes 31 no sensor controls only appear on OLPC XO hardware and 32
Memorize 34[53] 4063 [54] R yes& 34 yes 32 yes yesOK@   yes hard to test...
Moon-11[55] 4034 [56] R   yes 10 yes yes OK@ yes Moon Map with Information

OOo4kids1.0_en-es-fr [57] Download: [58] web:[59] ASLOxo   NO NO yes OK yes full open office suite (NC#702) Spreadsheet opens OOo.odf on 2nd ASLOxo USB and saved it in Activities folder (default)
Open Video Chat 1 experimental 4305 A     no video partial-no video NO-no text input yes includes g-streamer binaries-Open Video Chat is a simple chat activity that allows two participants to communicate over a video chat.
Paint 27 4082[60] R yes& yes   yes OK@ broken* *sugar-paint-27-2.fc14.i686 requires python(abi) = 0:2.6
Physics 4[61] 4192 i yes*yes& 5 yes 2   yes yes 5 X 5(@3) yes Laws of Physics displayed in Game
Pippy 36[62] 4041 [63] R yes& 37 yes*37-new yes 35 yes OK 37* yes33yes*37 yes *37-new=some scripts do not run(camera, Playwave..)
Playgo 5 [64] 4083 R            
Plot-3 [65] ASLOxo     yes yesOK yes Plot Graphs
Poll 26[66] 4074 A yes*   yes 22 yes 24 OK 26(X@22) yes 22 ? MaMaMedia Poll Builder-create a poll
Pukllanapac 2 3[67] 4320 A yes 3 yes 2   yes 2 yes 2,4 Activities/Pukllanapac Pukllanapac is a sliding-puzzle game
Read-86 4028 [68] R yes& 86** yes 67 no no 87 X no* yes bug: [69]*[sugar-read-79-1.fc14.noarch requires gnome-python2-evince] **(yes pdf/no txt clipping=XO-1)
Read SD Comics-1 4340         yes 1     looks for comics on USB/SD
Read_e texts-20 4034 A yes yes yes yes 19 OK 21(@17) yes zip fle downloads e-books
Record 79[70] record-86 [71] i yes*83yes& 79** yes=64$ no=(65,67,79) yes=(66,67,79)$ no=(60,61,62,64) yes 79* X 77-no camerayes 86 yes 66 yes $+camera NO sound=EeePC900 AsusAspireOne=NO camera +sound *HP laptop hiss but no sound **low sound levels on XO-1
Restore 3 4327[72] A             Activity to restore the Journal content from Journal entry bundles (JEBs) like those written by the Backup activity.

Supports any data store from 0.84 on, including those with version support. You can use Backup to dump the contents of one data store and use Restore to import them into any other data store. Only entries older than what's in the backup will be overwritten, so it's safe to run it multiple times and even import backups from other (non-malicious) users.

Ruler 4[73] 4192 [74] A   yes yes yes OK X=7 yes display ruler scales
Scratch 12[75] 4029 [76] A yes*1.4(XO v16yes& 20100321   yes     connection refused PulseAudio
Slide rule-9 4222 A   yes yes yes OK yes 18 learn to use slide rule. How to Use: Activities/Sliderule
Slider Puzzle-8 [77] 4047 A   yes   yes X@ yes ? MaMaMedia Slider Puzzle (Slide blocks to make picture)
Socialcalc-5[78] 4084 A yes*NO** yes   yes X yes nice spreadsheet-slow start **only partial opening no spreadsheet(XO-1)
Speak-16 [79] 4038 [80] R yes& 16 yes 11 yes yes OK(@11)X=16 yes  
Spirolaterals-2 4331         yes 2     Maze Game
StarChart-12 [81] 4300 A yes yes yes yes yes OK yes V2.0 build 115 map of the sky showing the position of the visible stars, some of the larger and brighter deep-sky objects (DSOs), the "classical" planets, the sun and the moon.
stopwatch-4[82] 4263 A yes& 4       yes 9 stop watches to start and stop
Story Builder 15 4073 A   yes   OK@   MaMaMedia Story Builder
Sugar_commander-4 4291 A   yes 5 yes yes 5 OK yes views of files and journal
Surf 115 106 Ubuntu Browser [83][84] [85] [86] NO NO yes=115,106 Soas=no OK 115 & 106 NO failed to start / Bueberry>115=keep error USR SURF !115 works 106 has no start page
Tam Tam Edit 53 4059 [87] R yes& 53 yes 52*   yes X@ 52   plays music *(EeePC900 stutters sound)
tam Tam Mini 52 4061 [88] R yes& 52     yes X@   yes plays music/ USR fails to start
tam Tam Synth Lab 53 4062 [89] A yes& 53* yes*    X@   *can not test starts fine
Tam Tam Jam 54 4060 [90] A yes& 54 yes& yes yes X(@53) FAILED* yes &=no playback*=sugar-tamtam-common-0-0.5.20100201git.fc14.i686 requires python(abi) = 0:2.6
Terminal-31[91] 4043 [92] i yes*yes& 31 yes 25 yes yes OK(@28) yes yes  
Turtle-art-86[93] 4298 [94] i   yes 51 yes yes 97 OK 92 yes-92 yes-shared blocks Mini branch of Turtle Art
Turtle-blocks-94 4027 i yes* yes& 92     yes 86 yes 102 yes 89 yes 93 yes-shared turtles Mainline branch of Turtle Art

Tux-paint 3 4088 A       yes    
Typing Turtle-26 4203 R yes& 26     yes OK@ yes Typing Training w/Keyboard
View slides-13 4039 R   yes 8   yes 12OK 13(@10) yes 12 sees photos taken by record
Visual match 21 4246 R yes& 24   yes yes 27 yes   yes-shared game play  
VncLauncher 4[95] [96] ASLOxo         yes? yes finds IP cannot test
WirelessGraph-7 4301 A       yes yes wireless link quality
Write 69 4021 [97] i yes& 70 yes 63   yes 86 yes 70 X 70(@67) yes yes-shared editing
Words-4 [98] 4315 A yes yes& 4 yes yes yes OK yes Translate words English to French/German/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish + Speaks word [99]
Xaos-4[100] 4299 R yes yes* no   OK-no shutdown no fractal editor * does not shut down (XO-1)
Xoeditor 2 4085 A yes&   yes yes   no cannot save results to Avatar XO
XoPhoto-7 [101] [102]         yes    
1. Import from SD or USB flash drives into the XO Journal.
2. Create subsets of the images from the journal
(imported or from the Record Activity) into album subsets.
3. Provide limited capability to rotate, or crop images.
4. Export albums to folders that are accessible to Browse,
and thereby, to online destinations.
5. Some limited slideshow capability 

x2o-9 4223 [103] A         yes Game move objects against ramps