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1-) Could this off-line wiki be stored on an external USB Hard Drive.? (they are cheap)

  • Accessible from different sugar installations. with the deltas on it.
  • A Classroom of XO-1's by plugging in the USB-Hard Drive to a Student's X0-1 or booted SoaS.
  • external USB Hard Drive plugged into a School Server? (Sharing the output with a school full of XO-1's)

2-) Stored on a DVD or set of indexed DVD's with the (revisions/updates) on an accompanying USB-Stick storing the deltas

  • Syncing on command when connected to the Internet.
Or with the delta USB-stick by "sneaker-net" when transported to a connected computer?
  • Either would be a nice "Sneaker net", off line, Distribution method.--Satellit 14:45, 9 December 2011 (EST)