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Install with Anaconda f18 in VirtualBox

This install is used when you want to install a fedora 18 desktop to a hard-disk; Virtualbox HD or a 8 GB USB.
A similar but simpler installer is entered in booted Live CD's using the command liveinst in root sugar-terminal(su) or other root terminal.
this differs from the installer on fedora 17 or older versions
  • A major feature of f18 is the development of newUI a new anaconda.
  • Sample Install to Virtualbox 4.2.4 using F18 Beta DVDx86_64

Settings In Virtualbox


Start Installer

If you select: Test this media & and install Fedora (the default) there will be 4 minute or longer wait as file checking is done There is no indication it is happening
Install Fedora (top line) has no delay.

Anaconda main Hub

WAIT until Installation source and software selection checking finishes before clicking on any spokes otherwise installer may hang.
  • When it finishes:
Click on each section (spoke) to change or set
click [Done] to return to main Hub
F-18-12-main anaconda hub.png

Storage (Disk Selection) then [DONE]

  • To format the disk or reclaim space click on [Continue] right bottome to installer
NOTE: Disk selection filters out non-selected Disks and makes them invisible to the installer
A booted dd USB will show on initial selection screen DO NOT Select it.
  • Example:2 Disk LVM install

SKIP this section if not using 2 Disks

  • Error if disk too small (8 GB) for Development and Creative Workstation +

Error Msg-Disk too small.png

  • 2 30 GB disks in VirtualBox
Select both disks

F18-2 disk-LVM.png

Reclaim Space

  • Seems to necessary to select Partition type first

[+] partition scheme drop down box click > [+]

Standard Partition
LVM (default)


  • [ X ]"I don't not need help: Let me customize disk partitioning"

Skip the next section if Customize partitioning is not selected

  • Option to let user [+ -] partitions:
Customize partitioning

F18-manual Partitioning.png F.18-add mounpoint2.png

Raid Partitioning
  • Need at least 2 disks selected
2 disks selected


  • [+]Customize
Click on small [+] on right gives drop-down
Select raid


  • Raid setup


  • [Finish Partitioning]

F18-finish partitioning.png

  • Returns directly to Anaconda Main Hub
Note: bootloader defaults to "first" disk
Of those disks initially selected

Reclaim Space-continued

  • If Customize is not used
[Reclaim space]
Reclaim Disk space window
shows disk partitions with drop down boxes - default is Preserve click on Preserve; get dropdowns Preserve; Shrink; Delete
select your choice
Note in latest anaconda (18.34-1) the selections are now located on the bottom line of the reclaim window.

F18-22-reclaim partitions.png

Do this for each partition shown.
When finished [Reclaim space] returns to main Hub
  • Click [Done] to return to main hub

Software Selection and [Done]

  • select left column (Environment) and right Column (Add-ons)
Gnome-desktop is default
scroll down left collumn and select sugar-desktop
Wait for software checking

Network Configuration and [Done]

  • recognizes wired DHCP connections if present
  • Wireless will show up if wlan0 is visible and supported
[Configure] to set up either connection.

Time Zone select and [Done]


Begin Installation

Appears when all warnings for unfinished spokes are gone

Root Password

  • Appears after install begins
F18-17-root pswd.png
  • Enter password on both lines and hit [back]
hit [back] a second time for a weak password.
If the root password is not entered during install; anaconda will pause at the greyed out [Finish Configuration] until it is entered.
Once the root password is entered [Finish Configuration] appears and the install will complete.
Wait for [Reboot], (or [Quit] if live), when install is completed.

Remove CD/DVD in VirtualBox/Settings/Disk settings and start your Virtual Machine

HINT: export this virtual machine before running it to save it before it runs Firstboot.

this can be later imported for use by another user.

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External Tutorial: a-visual-tour-of-fedora-18

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