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I am simple man from south Poland. I love snowboard, basketball but I think that's only sports I'm good in. I started programming like two years ago, so It's not too long. I started with some simple things like html css then I tried .js, after it I was learning basics of C/C++/Java/PHP/Python.. I think I feel better as front-end dev. but still I love python. I was trying few languages but learning Python was one of the best things I ever had! It's good to say why I started programming. So programming for many people looks like "magic"- it's something that exists but nobody know how it works and everyone forget about it. So I wanted discover it, when I once tried it I couldn't get off! Being programmer is exciting- world is keep developing, programmers mainly help people- you have to calculate everything? No problem! We can make program to do it for you! Want to learn child something cool but you don't know how to do it? Hey, let's show him THIS. Programmer is person which can help whole world, and that's pretty cool, isn't it?

Google Code-in

It's second time I am participating in Google Code-in. First time I tried last year but still- my friend showed me it when it was ending so I just made like 4 tasks after dead line and was happy, I don't think time was only problem, also my skills were. I didn't feel confident at any point about starting my journey with GCI, tasks were pretty hard I didn't know what to do. So that was really important moment in my life. Before I knew like.. html,css basics of web design and I was feeling like "Meh, I want more, I want to do this tasks next year". And it's happening!

I think best feeling about participating this year in GCI is that you can observe how big progress you made. I wanted to check my self, wanted to know "did I learnt anything?". This year was crazy, my life just rotate 180 degree, I discovered world in which I stayed because I loved it, my whole life changed actually. Before I didn't know what should I do in my life, what should I concentrate on- and programming was what I needed.

It's also important to say why I choose Sugar Labs org. It's pretty funny story, last year I just met few people from Sugar, I made some research about Sugar and it was looking pretty interesting. Sugar is something I always liked: helping people. And it's cool here, because Sugar is helping mainly kids, I remember what I was doing when I was young and wish to tried it then! So decision was easy.

For now I made successfully about 12 tasks, and what I'm proud most is I think Sugarizer Website and video with kids in which I show them SUGAR! Click

Sadly, it's last year I can participate in GCI but I have few tips for everyone:

  1. GCI takes time. A lot of. So remember about good planning day, I had problems with it- when you have school and everything sometimes it's hard to manage your time
  2. Don't give up. Sometimes there are hard tasks, it's hard to do something, but remember that there is always solution, you have to know that you can always can ask for help something, there's brilliant community.
  3. Quality>quantity - you should not look only how many tasks you have, keep in mind that's most important thing is how you doing tasks, how do you care about it.
  4. Have fun- GCI is great time to meet new people, help and learn a lot of things! It really motivates you when you see that tasks you are doing are not just tasks which gonna disappear- you are helping Sugar yey!