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Activity Toolbar Help

Who Should Read This Document

These guidelines are targeted primarily at developers who are building or modifying Sugar Activities.

Design details regarding activity Help toolbar

The Help content UI varies from Activity to Activity depending on the Activity needs and how the developer decides to tackle it (drop down palette of text and icons, pop-up animation, adding additional help text to the main canvas area). This document is not intended to specify the type of help to be implemented, but to define one standard Help icon image, and its toolbar placement.

An activity Help toolbar icon, when present, should be placed as the last icon in the toolbar before the Stop icon, but should be left aligned with the existing custom activity icons. An invisible separator provides padding to keep the Stop button to the right of the toolbar.

Activity [Edit] [View] [Custom1, Custom2 .. CustomN] [Help] _______________ Stop

Example: Icon placement for Turtle Art Activity toolbar Help
Example: Icon placement for Chart Activity toolbar Help

The standard Help icon is available in sugar-artwork (toolbar-help). If you wish to support older versions of Sugar, place this icon in your Activity bundle for backwards compatibility.