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Hi visitor -

I'm at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico, currently co-leading the OLPC Chiapas project that will deploy Strawberry on Classmate convertible netbooks. The P.I. is Dra. Yolanda Heredia from the Graduate School of Education. Other participants are David Jimenez (trac id davidjim), Lucero Quilla (trac i.d. lucero_quilla) and Miguel Angel Gonzalez.

Up to know (July 19) we have been mainly making sure Sugar and activities run well on the smaller screen of the Classmate, reporting bugs, fixing up the wireless under Sugar which initially didn't work, trying to make classmates work with SoaS and the XServer, finishing up translations to Spanish of the Sugar manual and several activities; developing a friendly, simpler manual for kids, and developing educational activities compatible with school curriculum yet strongly constructionist. Lucero is also working on two new software activities in Python which will be of general utility to the community

Thanks for dropping by...