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This page is designed to help you to put your Open 1 to 1 to Go image on a thumbdrive using Microsoft Windows. If you have questions, trouble or feedback, please let us know. If you can improve these instructions, please edit the page and do so!

with Microsoft Windows


  • Use Fedora Live USB Creator
    1. Download the ISO image from here.
    2. Download the Live USB Creator from FedoraHosted here.
    3. Insert a USB flash drive (or SD Card) with more than 2 GB of free space into your computer. (See LiveOS image and Cautions with using Live USB devices regarding flash drive size and usage.)
    4. Launch Live USB Creator.
    5. Select the 'Browse' button to 'Use existing Live CD' and find the downloaded .iso file image on your system.
    6. Adjust the Persistent Storage slider. This enables you to save changes to the system and additional Sugar Activities onto the device.
    7. Select your flash drive as the target, and click the Create Live USB button.
    8. Wait for the process to finish, then close the Live USB Creator program.
    9. Stop your flash drive with the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media notification area icon dialog, and eject it.