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Hey! I am Srevin Saju. Passionate Open Source Developer and System Administrator at Sugar Labs. I was introduced to Sugar Labs through Google Code-In 2019 , and was the Grand Prize Winner[1] for the year.

Couple of Projects, I worked on:

  • ASLO v4 (Sugar Labs Activity Library v4) [1]
  • Sugaroid Bot [2]
  • The Jupyter Activity [3]
  • GSoC mentor
  • A bunch of patches sent to Sugar Labs, Sugar and a few to Music Blocks
  • Music Blocks Launcher [4]
  • Previous Arch Linux sugar*-git package maintainer.
  • Sugar on a Docker container maintainer[2]
  • and finally.... Sugar Labs System Administrator :)

For the other fun stuff, which I do apart from Sugar Labs, head over to my website, and don't forget my resume :D

Drop me an email @ srevinsaju (at) sugarlabs (dot) org, or contact me here [5]

Always remember to:

  • Make sure, you do the best for the community.
  • Keep Learning!
  • and... Don't forget to have fun!
srevinsaju on #sugar, PGP 1007816766D390D7