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I'm Yifan Sun. I work with the F.W.Olin OLPC chapter in Needham, Mass. as software person and driving puppet. I'm interested in all things electrical/computer engineering, and have been excited about OLPC since I first heard about it in high school. I'd like to see what I can contribute software-wise to the project, and thereby learn from OLPC what goes into good development.


Still pending...


  • Modify Abiword so that Write has instant spell-check and mouse-over dictionary lookup for many languages.
  • Either produce an activity or modify Write so that it has features like NJStar, an Asian word processor that allows for pinyin input and mouse-over dictionary lookup for any common phrase.
  • Simple education games, similar to those provided by neopets
  • Hearing your ideas!


You can view our [chapter wiki] to see some of the projects we do, and communicate with our other members. Some things I'm interested in from a software leader point of view is

  1. how to quickly teach programmers how to program for the xo
  2. how to make ideas become reality in the midst of mounds of homework

Please discuss your experiences with me!