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There are many ways you can get around this site to find whatever you are looking for or to do what needs to be done.

Just as with any web page, links to other pages will show up in a different color -- blue for most links, red for articles which do not yet exist. Link text will also "light up" and be underlined when you hover over it.

Links with the "External.png" symbol will take you to another web site.

Clicking on the Sugar Labs logo in the upper left corner will always take you back to the main page.

Clicking a link in the table of contents box (usually at the top right of a page) will take you to the specific section of a page.


The sidebar at the left of every page provides you with a variety of useful functions:

  • The navigation box helps you get around this wiki.
  • The search box lets you search for things, or go directly to an article if you already know the name.
  • The toolbox contains special links which are appropriate to the page you are viewing. The "navigation" links will always be the same, but the "toolbox" links can change from page to page.

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