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Visit the page Special:Recentchanges to view a list of all the recent changes and additions. There is a link to this in the sidebar to the left of every page.


The controls at the top of the Special:Recentchanges page let you select how many recent edits to show, or how recent they must be. You can also choose to hide or show minor edits, patrolled edits, or your own edits. You may also limit the listing to include or exclude a particular namespace.

For each change, the "(diff)" link lets you view the differences between the current version of the article and previous versions. The "(hist)" link lets you view the editing history of that article.

For each entry the name of the user is shown, and is a link to his or her "User" page. There is also a link to his or her "talk" page and a link to his or her contributions to the wiki.

RSS News

You can subscribe to an RSS news feed from this page, which will then show you the most recent changes in your favorite RSS news reader.