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How to test Sugar 0.100

We have different ways of testing Sugar 0.100:

  • Using a testing image (available for all XO laptops models)
  • Using a 13.2.0 image and installing rpms.
  • Using sugar-build

Testing images

These images can be installed in an XO without security enabled.

XO-4: 33024xx4.zd (md5)

XO-1.75: 33023xx2.zd (md5)

XO-1.5: 33023xx1.zd (md5)

XO-1: 33023xx0.img 33023xx0.crc(md5)

The olpc-os-builder configuration used to create these images is here.

Installing Sugar 0.100 testing rpms

The first step is to install a 13.2.0 image, downloaded here.

The second step is to create a file /etc/yum.repos.d/au1b-updates.repo with the following contents:


Later you need to run these commands:

rpm -e sugar-update-control
yum update

If you want a fresh start, and do not care about LOSING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN YOUR JOURNAL, you can execute this command:

rm -rf .sugar

And finally, restart your computer.

Using sugar-build

Detailed instructions to use sugar-build are here [1].

New features to test

In addition to the new features described in the Sugar 100 release notes, these builds have some features being developed for the OLPC Australia deployment. These include the following: