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Sucrose 0.81.4


This first release after the feature freeze and therefore has only bug fixes. For more information what bugs have been fixed please refer to the detailed description below. Thanks to all the contributors.

Glucose modules

Glucose news


  • #7015 Add proper alignment support to the "tray" control
  • #7054 Journal doesn't show correct colors for activity instances
  • #7046 Deleting activity bundle with journal leaves it showing in Home list view until reboot
  • #3939 Keep button should use XO colors
  • #7248 Speaker device has inconsistent behavior


  • #7438 sugar shuts down when you click Restart
  • #7365 Invites not working
  • #7248 Speaker device has inconsistent behavior
  • #7339 CPU Spins after starting an activity
  • #7015 Add proper alignment support to the "tray" control
  • #5613 Cannot set non-ASCII nick name
  • #7046 Deleting activity bundle with journal leaves it showing in Home list view until reboot
  • #7391 Make the search field in Home reveal the list view
  • #7248 Speaker device has inconsistent behavior
  • #7272 Notifications are redundant with new launching feedback
  • #7273 Activity icons remain colored after launch


  • Has gained its own translation module and some languages have already been contributed.


  • Since the last release, two scripts have been added that allow for adding and retrieving items from the command line, these scripts have been contributed by Reinier Heeres and Philip Bordelon. Thanks!


  • dev.laptop.org #4757: Add ListChannels from Telepathy


  • Pango fixes
  • updated translations: ja, de
  • collab refactoring in prep of tubes support
  • remove pre-update.1 support
  • ETOYS_DEBUG env var controls logging
  • minor fixes



  • contain some small bug fixes and translations for some new languages.


  • #6368 Strip spaces from query terms
  • #7348 journal fails to show icon for mounted usb stick

Fructose modules

Fructose news


  • Contains translation updates and some new languages


  • This release contains new translations from our translator community.


  • #6036: Show timestamp as elapsed time instead of date (morgs)
  • Updated translations: fr, mvo, pis, af, sd, pap, tpi, ar, de


  • #7281 Browse autocompletion should allow editing of suggestions
  • #7427 Downloads broken in Browse (interface change)
  • #7280 Browse autocompletion makes it impossible to type some URLs

Fructose modules bundled

Instructions to test in olpc joyride

The sugar packages from Sucrose 0.81.4 went into the olpc image joyride-2129. You can update to joyride using olpc-update or a usb key.

There are no activities in the builds any more. You can get the Sucrose 0.81.4 activities and many other interesting activities with bert's activity update script).

Note: This script will fail for the Browse activity - since we had a change in the activity name. The error will note that the activity is already installed.

Workaround: Remove ~/Activities/Web.activity and unpack the downloaded bundle.

- rm -rf ~/Activities/Web.activity
- unzip Activities/Browse-92.xo -d Activities

Then restart sugar (ctrl+alt+erase). The activity should now be available in the activity list view in the Home view.