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Sucrose 0.85.7 Release Notes


This is the last development release in the 0.86 release cycle - see the 0.86/Roadmap#Schedule for more details. Note, that we are one week away from our final release.

Please test the landed features carefully. Please report any bug and workflow issue you find to get them in good shape for the final release. A friendly BugSquad will be available to triage those bugs accordingly and the developers can never have enough bug food. If you have non-bug feedback about features you can use the sugar-devel mailing list to share it with us.


There are no known compatibility issues, as of today.

Update to this version

Please use the instructions for your distribution (Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian etc) of choice to upgrade to this release.

Glucose modules

Glucose news


  • ASLO knows only about stable SP releases #1369
  • Sugar craches during undo for the first Keyboard component startup #1341
  • favoritesview.py: icon-color KeyError #976
  • python-xklavier fail during startup #1326
  • if the Sugar control panel is open, then Frame icons are inoperable #453
  • Typing in the My Settings (control panel) search field has no effect #872
  • Journal list view: jumping back to first page when popping up a palette #1235
  • Fail gently on bad bundles #1359
  • Remove the column headers from Journal gtk.treeview #1278
  • Install sugar-emulator.desktop application file #1139
  • Journal using wrong icon to represent itself in bottom media tray #1092
  • Sugar needs to accept None as a layout #1147
  • Remove the column headers from Home list view's gtk.treeview #1279
  • Remove the column headers from Journal gtk.treeview #1278
  • Activity instance titles should appear in the primary palette, along with the activity name. #425
  • sugar-launch doesn't cwd to the bundle dir #676
  • Journal list view: jumping back to first page when popping up a palette #1235


  • Color of sugar.activity.widgets.ActivityButton is owners all time despite of 'icon-color' metadata property #1368
  • Circular dependecy in ToolbarBox #1389
  • ObjectChooser displays USB media files, but fails to access file (datastore traceback) #1241
  • After using CP, the XO home palette is incorrectly scrolled (blank lines + missing item) #231
  • When in fullscreen mode in an activity, frame doesnt pop-up #1335
  • Invoke WindowPalette.popdown when menu property is None #1323
  • When in fullscreen mode in an activity, frame doesnt pop-up #1335
  • Error while initiating .sugar environment #1327
  • close collaboration tube after the activity window is destroyed #1296
  • UndoButton is now setting <Ctrl>+Q as its default accelerator breaking activity Quit default #1287
  • current activity palette doesn't popup #1338


  • Press-unpress of right mouse button cuts text from gtk entry widgets #1350


  • Use basename for uploaded files by default in copy-to-journal script #1372


  • buddy colors aren't transferred when using salut #1320


  • Filtering for Audio doesn't show mp3 files #1340
  • Add mimetype for Epub in sugar-base #1319


  • updated translation: ja
  • nicer About flap
  • put Grab Patch and Lasso tools back into Supplies
  • fix project server URLs and default categories
  • catch a network error
  • fix error when creating new projects

Fructose modules

Fructose news


  • Able to download Data URIs #1029 (Lucian Branescu)
  • Don't choke on Lang=C #979
  • Object chooser remains shown after activity has been closed #1192
  • Refine image and link right click palette #815
    • image: 'Keep image', Copy 'image'
    • link: 'Keep link', Copy link', Follow link'
  • Toolbars:
    • Move the edit and view options of the toolbar to the left
    • Fix session-bookmark button
    • Center the address bar
    • adopt to toolbar API change (expanded property is now set_expanded(state))


  • Fixed a problem with View Toolbar
  • moved Samples to Help Toolbar
  • some minor changes to fr


  • Migration to the new toolbar system (Simon)
  • Updated translations (Arabic, Dutch, French)
  • New languages


  • Switch to new toolbar system
  • Show transfer progress
  • Updated translations for Arabic, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese
  • New languages
  • Do not keep on (re)loading the file continuously
  • Misc. cleanups


  • Finished Toolbar redesign work


  • Toolbar redesign
  • New and updated translations


  • Toolbar redesign
  • New languages
  • Updated translations


  • Toolbar redesign

Fructose dependencies

Fructose dependencies News