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Some introductory words what the activity is like. Any special things you like to mention that happened during the release cycle etc

More Info: link to get some further info about the activity

What is new for users

The read activity now has support for Epub files. For downloading Epub content, http://www.feedbooks.com and http://www.epubbooks.com/ are recommended place to start looking. Furthermore this release will let you associate (add and edit) notes with your bookmarks, and has a slightly more useful fullscreen view (you can now get a rough idea of how much battery is left in your laptop/netbook without invoking the frame).

Read displaying an Epub book, a bookmark with text notes is also being displaying for the page.

What is new for developers

What might be interesting to know for a developer contributing to the component. Add 'No News' if there is nothing of interest.

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

Will be generated by the translation team


Note here if compatibility to an older version of the activity or an older Sucrose version (e.g. 0.84) broke

Detailed changes


  • Fix search in Epub files (dslo #1319)
  • Updated translations for German, Mongolian and Portuguese


  • Set bundle id in metadata explicitly (addresses dslo#1172)
  • Workaround possible Evince libview API issues. (dslo#1328)
  • Use gobject.timeout_add_seconds instead of gobject.timeout_add
  • Updated translations for French and Japanese


  • Migration to the new toolbar system (Simon)
  • Updated translations (Arabic, Dutch, French)
  • New languages


  • More robust Epub support
  • Do not print each and every key-event to log (dslo#752)
  • Updated translations (French, Italian)
  • Get rid of the pywebkitgtk binary blob


  • Support for notes associated with bookmarks
  • Show a information bar in fullscreen mode, with pagecount and battery information
  • Do not fail to start when Epub specific code does not load


  • Epub support
  • Bookmarks support
  • Default behaviour of Next/Forward is chunk-wise instead of page-wise (going by the original mock ups)
  • Translation updates (Italian, Japanese)
  • Misc bugfixes


Name the contributors here