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Sucrose 0.96 Release Notes


Sugar 0.96 will be the new version of the Sugar learning platform. It will be released the 28th of March 2011 (see 0.96/Roadmap#Schedule for details).

This page is a work in progress!

What is new for users

What's new for developers

The following changes are important for developers using the Sucrose 0.96 developer platform:



Activity Authors guidelines

no guidelines as of today

What's new for packagers

  • Sugar (the shell package) does depend on NetworkManager 0.9

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)


There a no known compatibility issues, as of today.

Getting the sources

If you want to package Sugar for your favorite distribution or just want to examine Sugar's lovely code here are the released bundles. If you are interested in the full changelog you can use the Sugar git repositories.

Glucose modules

Fructose modules

How to contribute with testing

Sugar 0.96 is under heavy development at the moment and undergoing major changes. It is very important to get feedback from you if you find bugs as early as possible and to get a stable release at the end. The order of stability depends among other things as well on you.

If you find bugs please report them into the Sugar Labs bug tracker indicating the 0.95.x version in the ticket version field. If you have hardware from OLPC you can use the 12.1.0 builds for the i686 architecture (XO 1 and XO 1.5) (there are currently no XO 1.75 builds yet). Those builds include Sugar 0.95.x. Hardware specific bugs especially with the new 1.75 hardware please report at the OLPC bug tracker. The current development version is as well available in Fedora 17 and sugar-jhbuild (sugar* master branches).

Looking forward to 0.98