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ClassroomBroadcast transmits the screen of the 'server' laptop to the screens of a number of 'client' laptops. Typically the teacher's laptop would be the server and the students' laptop theclients. ClassroomBroadcast is a low cost alternative to using a data projector. ClassroomBroadcast runs on the server laptop and a VNC client such as TigerVNC runs on the client laptops.


Install ClassroomBroadcast on the 'server' laptop from

ClassroomBroadcast also requires some additional software x11vnc

To install x11vnc enter the following in Terminal

sudo yum install x11vnc

Install a VNC client on all the client laptops, in Terminal enter

sudo yum install vnc


Start ClassroomBroadcast on the server laptop. Press the button in the centre of the screen and note the IP address below the button.

Screenshot of "ClassRoomBroadcast Activity".png

Start the VNC client on the client laptops by entering the following in Terminal