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Shared activity downloading files

FileShare is an activity that allows the user to share files from their journal.

The activity prompts the user for a list of files. When a user joins the shared activity, they are shown the file list where they can choose which files they would like to download.

The activity was based off a concept activity called Distribute

Project Status

The project is under active development. I am currently looking for bug reports as well as suggestions for further improvement. Check out the current Dev Release (Dec. 15, 2009) or source code.

If you have found a bug, please report it the google group page or email to our google group email address.


  • Activity can be loaded up and files can be added and removed from the file list
  • It can be shared and users who join are able to download files (journal entries) from the file list and have them installed into their own journal.
  • Activity is able to keep and resume
    • On closing, the files and file list is stored in the activity entry and can be restored.
    • One advantage to this is an instance of this activity can be shared and the files remain with it.
  • The server is able to copy files back to the journal
    • Useful when restoring the activity and would like to get a file back that may have been deleted or modified.


  • Sometimes user interface can become un-responsive during file transfers.
  • (Untested, but looks like this will be problematic)Client downloads file and then disconnects. The server then removes a file and re-adds file (after changing it). When the client re-connects (resumes) the client will not know that the file changed and not allow them to download the new one.
    • Work around: Close the activity and delete it's entry in the journal. When re-connecting, it will allow all downloads as expected as it doesn't know that you already downloaded that file.
  • [Cannot Consistently Reproduce] Permission Denied when reading files on a flash drive
  • Remove file does not work in current release, fixed in git repo.

Future Plans


  • Clients needs to communicate more to the server. In the current state, the server is not aware of the number of clients currently downloading files.
    • Should show user who is currently downloading what files
    • Download count on each file
    • Prevent/Notify user from closing the activity while users are downloading from them.
  • Integration to the school server
    • Current plans are to have a server running on the school server as well allowing authorized users to upload files to the school server as well.


  • Download All Button
  • Download file in each row instead of selecting each file then clicking download
    • Alternatively, support selecting multiple rows and then click download.
  • Display icons for the journal entry type

Change Log

Detailed change log can be found on our change log page in our google group.

  • 2009-12-11: Initial release
  • 2009-12-14: FileShare-2.xo
  • 2009-12-15: FileShare-3.xo