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SNAIL is a matching game for teaching learners basic fractions.

Where to get SNAIL

SNAIL is available on GitHub at

Playing SNAIL

The goal of SNAIL is to earn as many points as possible by matching circles within a limited number of moves. Matching any two circles with the same fraction will generate 300 points, while matching nonidentical fractions will generate 30 points in addition to combining the two fractions together. If a combined fraction is greater than or equal to 1, the circle will "explode" and remove a 9 circle square centered on the "exploding" circle and generate 1000 points.Upon a match, matched circles will be removed, and circles "above" the matched circles will "fall" toward the bottom with new circles appearing from the top as replacements.

Development Status

SNAIL is still in active development for Sugarizer and has not been pushed into the main project.


Alex Wacker - JavaScript Programmer

Alex Cook - Project Lead & JavaScript Programmer

Maxwell Leisner - JavaScript Programmer and Documentation.