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Turtle Art with Arduino

There are several efforts to develop Turtle Art support for Arduino.

Andrés Aguirre is part of the Butiá team in Montevideo:

We have released the 1.0 version of the sources, which has full integration with tortugarte ( Last month we gave away nearly 30 Butiá robots in a robotic event organized by the University. These robots were given to secondary schools throughout the country, in this event we gave some tutorials and exercises to do with our help. One of the schools made a great line follower in tortugarte ;) : Then on the second day we give some tutorials and some children really enjoyed the experience, like Pedro a 10 year old child who really has programming skills!
In future months we will go to the schools where we give the robots to continue teaching and giving new challenges. If you would like to see more about Butiá, we have a flickr site: and also a web page:


Blink led in Arduino pin 13


Based on the existing version on TurtleArt with Arduino:

and the base work for refactoring adapting the Arduino version to the latest Turtleart structure:

This version is based on the mainline version of TurtleArt 0.86

The Arduino functionality was corrected from previous versions:

  • Analog and digital reading now works correctly
  • Auto detection of ttyUSBx port for FTDI device (Arduino board uses this for USB)

It requires the Firmata protocol to be uploaded to the Arduino board. Use the latest Firmata version (2.1 as of now) downloaded from the Firmata page ( The Firmata version included with the Arduino IDE has some inconsistencies.

This version has english and spanish translations. Other localizations may require some code adjustments due to inconsistencies in the file naming scheme.


The .xo file can be downloaded from here.

Getting it working

For hints on getting it working on different Sugar versions see

TurtleArt (sugar) + icaro = Tortucaro