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The content of this page is not legally endorsed by or affiliated with Sugar Labs Inc. This is a private initiative of people who take part in the project.

What is this page about

This is a crowd funding initiative to support Sugar Network development process. It is intended to be an access point for people who want to donate funds to development team to continue working on implementation.

This page should answer on the following questions:

Why Wiki page?

  • Wiki page is an intermediate solution until more appropriate model will be found; right now, it will let team working;
  • Development team is spread world wide (the same for possible donators) and it is not obvious how to handle donations in such case;
  • We are looking for more sustainable and common model that is being discussed on Sugar Labs Oversight Board level.

The project

In short, Sugar Network is a system (software and infrastructure) to let people share different types of content, support collaborative work on that content, do that regardless the Internet connectivity.

To learn more about the Sugar Network, consult the following pages:

The plan is working on the 1.0 version during the 2012 year. For detailed information see Harmonic Distribution Roadmap and TODO pages. To track for intermediate releases, add release page to your watch list. To monitor development commits, subscribe to Gitorious project's feed. To try current development version, follow the instructions.

The important note for possible donators, this page is requesting to support development process (literally, writing the code) of community software project which is named "Sugar Network"'. At the same time, such systems require downstream deployment work to make it useful for people in the field. Such deployment work is less predictable and rather important for organizations (like education ministries or Sugar distributors) then for personal donators. Look for Red Azúcar for details.

The product

Red Azúcar is a downstream solution based on Sugar Network and is intended to be a "final product" to bring Sugar Network to people in the field. It is being created within the Sugar Labs Peru By the Research and Development Team "Somos Azúcar". Most of the work is different to Sugar Network development process. In technical aspects, the focus is shifting to deployment rather than development. In non technical aspects, Red Azúcar is taking care about populating Sugar Network content with materials useful for local people, work with educators and state people, etc. Sugar Network developers also take part in Red Azúcar, but obviously, Red Azúcar involves much more people and requires more resources to work on.

Please, consult the following pages if you are looking for a way to support Red Azúcar:

You can also send a contact request email to malla AT the Sugar Labs Peru Oversight Board.

Development team

The development team consists of the following people (in alphabetical order):

Location: Russia, Rubtsovsk
Brief intro: see a short bio; Sugar Labs contributor since 2008
Role in project: server side and client library
Spend time: full time working on the project
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Brief intro: Research and Development at SomosAZUCAR.Org since 2009
Role in project: UI Designer
Spend time: split time to work on Red Azúcar, downstream product
Location: Ancón, Perú
Brief intro: See member profile. Sugar Labs contributor since 2008
Role in project: webui client developer
Spend time: split time to work on Red Azúcar, downstream product

Overall progress

Sugar Network development process is started since the end of 2011. It will continue being developed until implementing 1.0 version (further development will depend on feedback gotten during the implementation process) in any case. The only thing is how much time developers can spend on implementation. And, here we are looking for your help.

Accepted / Requested

The Requested sum is calculated from gentle minimal per developer per month, which is ~500$ multiplied by number of developers (3) and number of months remained in 2012. The Accepted sum might grow due to reasons like personal sources developers found, donations from this page, or, funding gotten by Red Azúcar. The overhead will go to support Red Azúcar.

How to donate

Send an email to, and to get in contact with the team.


  • Juan Camilo Lema, 1000$
  • Aleksey Lim, 1500$
  • Bernie Innocent, 2400$