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Design Team/Meetings#Saturday 10 July 2010 14:30 UTC

[10:31] == christianmarcsch [] has joined #sugar-meeting
[10:32] <christianmarcsch> hi everyone
[10:32] <walterbender> hi christianmarcsch
[10:32] <christianmarcsch> hi walter!
[10:33] <christianmarcsch> is gary there?
[10:33] <walterbender> not yet, it seems
[10:33] <christianmarcsch> did you see the PDF?
[10:34] <walterbender> yes... It looks good... but I think it is overkill
[10:34] <christianmarcsch> yes, we should discuss what the best solution would be
[10:35] <christianmarcsch> showing palettes sooner may work, though i think there may be some usability issues since they cover up so much of the screen (and hide other objects that you could interact with)
[10:36] <walterbender> if the initial pop-up is just start-resume-most-recent, that is pretty compact
[10:37] <silbe> oh, so 14:30 UTC already, not 15:30?
[10:39] <walterbender> We are +4 this time of year on the East Coast
[10:40] <walterbender> err. -4
[10:41] <silbe> that's why it's always a good idea to agree on times based on UTC, so everyone can do the calculation based on UTC instead of introducing errors while doing the offset calculation twice.
[10:41] <silbe> date -d '<date>