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Onscreen keyboard iOS


Safari search in page

Ios safari search ABC.PNG

Safari app, english keyboard, ABC, search in the page

  • Return key is changed to 'Search' and does invoke the search
  • additional navigation for the serach results added above the keyboard

Ios safari search capitalize ABC.PNG

Safari app, english keyboard, ABC, search in the page, capitalize letters

  • to capitalize a letter you need to press the 'Shift' key once
  • the 'Shift' key is highlighted then
  • the capitalization is only applied to the next character and the functionality is then automatically disabled again (key returns normal)
  • the upper case/lower case characters are not reflected in the keyboard itself
  • you can not make the upper case shift functionality permanent

Ios safari search .?123.PNG

Safari app, english keyboard, ?123, search in the page

App store search

Ios appstore search.PNG

Maps search

Ios maps search.PNG


Ios notes eng ABC.PNG

Notes app, english keybard, ABC

Ios notes eng .?123.PNG

Notes app, english keybard, .?123

Ios notes de ABC.PNG

Notes app, german keybard, ABC

Ios notes de .?123.PNG

Notes app, german keybard, .?123

Ios garageband song title.PNG

Garageband app, german keyboard, ABC, edit the song title

  • Return key adjusted to 'Fertig'

Ios email address.PNG

Email app,

  • '@' key is available in the ABC layout
  • as special characters only '.' and '_' and '-' are available

Ios email title.PNG

Email app

  • is a standard ABC layout

Safari open url

Ios safari url.PNG

Safari app, english keyboard, ABC, go to address:

  • highly customized for url editing
  • Return key adjusted to 'Go'
  • added '.com' key, no 'space' key
  • moved some of the keys from '.?123' here like ':', '/', '_' and '-'
  • removed the '!' and '?' key as the secondary option from the ',' and '.' key

OSK with custom additional keys

IOS OKS example with extra custom keys.png

IOS OKS Wolfram example with many extra custom keys.png

IOS OKS Numbers example with context sensitive keyboard.png