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Class: Buddy(gobject.GObject)

How do I get a list of the activities that a particular buddy has shared with me?

The sugar.presence package includes tools to get a list of activities that a buddy. In the class Buddy, there is specifically a method called get_joined_activities() that will "retrieve the set of all activities which this buddy has joined". It returns these activities as a list of sugar.presence.activitiy.Activity objects. The code below shows a method that prints out the list of activities that the user's XO has joined with another specified user (in this case, someone named 'olpc').

from sugar.presence import presenceservice
class AnnotateActivity(activity.Activity):    
    #### Method: __init__, initialize this AnnotateActivity instance
    def __init__(self, handle):

    #### Method: _print_buddy_activities, which takes the name of a buddy and prints
    # out the name of the activities that this buddy is sharing with you. 
    def _print_buddy_activities(self, name):
        #self._find_buddy_by_name returns a sugar.presence.buddy.Buddy object whose nickname matches the given name
        buddy = self._find_buddy_by_name(name)
        activities = buddy.get_joined_activities()
        for buddyActivity in activities:
            print buddyActivity.get_property('name')