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This is just a proposal for now. It has not been discussed and the code does not reflect it. Do not use it as a reference.


Packages :

  • sugar.mime
  • sugar.logger

Notes :

  • No UI dependencies.
  • Owns the sugar namespace.
  • Used by services, activities, shell components and extensions.


Packages :

  • sugar.activity

Notes :

  • Used by activities, shell components and extensions.


Common packages:

  • jarabe.model
  • jarabe.view

Component packages:

  • jarabe.frame
  • jarabe.controlpanel
  • jarabe.journal
  • jarabe.desktop
  • jarabe.windowmgr

Notes :

  • Used by shell components and extensions.
  • Each shell component should only use jarabe.model and jarabe.view.


  • Installed under $PREFIX/sugar/extensions/$COMPONENT.