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We are planning a book sprint this fall for create a user's guide for Sugar. Please add add you comment and concerns here or on the discussion page.


OLPC offices (Boston) yet unknown, Anne investigating (Austin)


late August (tentative proposal 16-23)

Scope of documentation for sprint

Audience: kids, parents, and teachers. End-users, basically.

Getting Started Guide for the file system, wireless connections, everything you do without Activities. Walter Bender has started with [User:Walter/sandbox], which points out where the Floss Manual can be updated to be hardware-free (for example, his annotations with OLPC-XO-1-specific hints for keyboard shortcuts and specifics for the OLPC-XO-1 hardware). Updates should be made to

Getting Started with an Activity for specific Activities, such as Browse and Record. A starter manual for the Record activity can be found at Priorities needed for which Activities to start first.

Recruited/invited writers (expect about 5-6 in person)

Anne Gentle - Austin, Texas

Adam Hyde - Netherlands

David Farning - Wisconsin

Walter Bender - East coast

Greg DeKoenigsberg - Raleigh NC

Emily Kaplan - Illinois (Chicago area)

Robert Nagle - Houston

Janet Swisher - Austin

David Cramer - Austin