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DevelopWeb is an Activity for Web Development using which children can develop Web Sites through HTML, Javascript and other web technologies. Children can learn quickly how to develop web pages in a step by step approach through examples provided for each HTML component.


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Detailed Description

Introduction: The domain/area which is yet to be explored by children is Web. This activity is a step towards the effort to help them learn HTML and Web development. Using this activity, children can

  • Easily create HTML pages using HTML tags
  • Embed Javascript within HTML pages
  • Develop web site by creating set of HTML pages


  • IDE: This will be an Integrated Development Environment(IDE) where toolbars will be presented with HTML components on it. Thus providing drag-drop feature for creating HTML pages just by dragging HTML components on canvas. The drag-drop operation on canvas will generate HTML markup in the backgroud and save to the file
  • Modes of Operation: It will support three modes-

(a)Design Mode: In this mode, children can create HTML pages on the fly using drag-drop feature. The HTML components will be visible on canvas with re-sizing border. Double clicking on any HTML component will bring up its properties loaded into "Properties" window(Shown right below toolbar in screen mockup)
(b)Source Mode: In this mode, children can create HTML pages by writing the HTML markup by themselves. As in writing the Source code.
(c) Publish Mode: In this mode, children can view the page as it will appear when published. Support for view the HTML page within the activity.i.e. opening the resultant HTML page within same activity in this mode.

  • Toolbar: The toolbar consisting of HTML components will be beneficial to children to quickly create HTML pages just by drag and drop. As a result the HTML markup will be added automatically to Source of the file. This way Children can see how to write HTML markup in source
  • Tabbed Canvas: Multitab feature where several pages can be edited simultaneously.

Flow: The flow will be like this: User starts with a new document. A 'New' document will be a new tab in multi-tabbed widget with a canvas as its child. Then the user can proceed in any of two development modes(design and source). Consider the design mode first. The user can create HTML pages on the fly by drag-drop the HTML component on to the canvas. This will bring up the component on canvas and at the same time the resulting HTML markup for entire document will be saved to file( if it is already saved) or to a temp file( if it is not yet saved by user). This mode provides quickest way to create HTML pages. The HTML components listed in toolbar will consists of TextBox, Checkbox, Paragraph, Headings, Tables, Radio button and other HTML markups currently in use. Now consider the source mode. In this mode the user can view the HTML markup. He can write HTML markup on his own in this mode. This will be beneficial for children to practice creating pages once they have idea of structure of markup of HTML components.

Children can switch between Design, Source and Publish modes to view page in different perspective.

Benefit to Sugar

Sugar includes lot many activities that are targeted for children's learning. This activity will add to learning activity base using which children can learn something new. This will impart knowledge through examples on how HTML pages, Javascript and on the whole web sites are developed. Also, this will prove fruitful with respect to classroom perspective where teachers and mentors can impart good knowledge to children through this activity.


Tasks to develop this activity( at high level; these can be broken down into several tasks):

  • Identify the requirements, features to design and implement.
  • Design the User Interface.
  • Code and test unit functionality like individual features i.e design mode, source mode and publish mode.
  • Create properties windows.
  • Write functionality to save and load the HTML, JavaScript files.

UI Design

Screen Mockups:

Design Mode: This image shows the mockup of screen in Design Mode. On left hand side there is a toolbar consisting of HTML components from where children can drag and drop them on to canvas on the right hand side. 'Canvas' is the region within a tab where HTML components are placed. In this mode the canvas provides ability to move, and reorder the HTML components through mouse itself.

DevelopWeb DesignMode.jpg

The HTML component can be re-sized within canvas by mouse. However, the properties of component needs to be changed through "Propeties Window" that pops up on double clicking the HTML component.The following screen shows how the component properties and their values will be shown. DevelopWeb PropertiesWindow.png

Source Mode: This image shows the mockup of screen in Source Mode. DevelopWeb SourceMode.jpg

Publish Mode: This image shows the mockup of screen in Publish Mode. The page appears as it is viewed in web browser(i.e. Browse activity) DevelopWeb PublishMode.jpg

How To Test

Features/Develop Web/Testing

User Experience

This feature will bring noticeable change in their Sugar environment. This activity will allow users to create,learn and explore HTML,JavaScript and Web Development.

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