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Testing without language packs

This is mostly regression testing, in order to ensure that we do not break existing stuff with the new patch.

  • Set the locale to something other than en_US.UTF-8 (by editing ~/.i18n). As an example, it can be de_DE.UTF-8 or es_PE.UTF-8
  • Restart Sugar or sugar-emulator
  • Start random activity
  • Ensure that the translated strings come up properly

Testing with language packs

This tests support for language packs (which are essentially translation files which can be installed separately from the activities later on by deployments)

  • Set the locale to es_PE.UTF-8 by editing ~/.i18n (it should read LANG=es_PE.UTF-8)
  • Restart Sugar or sugar-emulator
  • Set the GConf key /desktop/sugar/i18n/langpackdir to some random directory (say /foo)
    • The best way to do this would be to start Terminal and use the command gconftool-2 --set -t string /desktop/sugar/i18n/langpackdir /foo (this will create the key if it does not exist as well)
  • Make directory /foo (with the command mkdir -p /foo)
  • Make directory /foo/es_PE/LC_MESSAGES
  • Download http://people.sugarlabs.org/~sayamindu/org.laptop.sugar.ReadActivity.mo into /foo/es_PE/LC_MESSAGES
  • Start Read Activity and confirm if the translation string for the Fullscreen button comes up as "FooBar"
  • Remove the file org.laptop.sugar.ReadActivity.mo
  • Restart Read Activity
  • Confirm if the translation string for the Fullscreen button comes up as Pantalla completa