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I want to know...

What is a feature?

A feature is defined as a significant change or enhancement to the version of Sugar currently under development that may or may not include new packages.

Features are usually considered to meet one or more of the following objectives:

1. highly user visible changes (beyond artwork or theme changes) 2. improvements or changes that require non-trivial cross-package integration 3. exciting new capabilities we can trumpet sugar having--some of this is good public relations. Some examples might include:

  • adding of new functionality to the Sugar platform Examples: version support in the datastore, file-sharing
  • work Sugar contributors are doing upstream as part of their work for Sugar
  • new features from upstream that we are making available in Sugar for the first time

4. significant enough that if not completed properly or without a proper backup plan could delay the release 5. noteworthy enough to call out in the release notes

What is an enhancement?

Is <XXX> a feature?

What does the feature process look like?

Starting the process

During the process

Policy questions