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What is a feature?

A feature is defined as a significant change or enhancement to the version of Sugar currently under development that may or may not include new packages.

Features are usually considered to meet one or more of the following objectives:

  1. highly user visible changes (beyond artwork or theme changes)
  2. improvements or changes that require non-trivial cross-package integration
  3. exciting new capabilities we can trumpet Sugar having -- some of this is good public relations. Some examples might include:
    • adding of new functionality to the Sugar platform Examples: version support in the datastore, file-sharing
    • work Sugar contributors are doing upstream as part of their work for Sugar
    • new features from upstream that we are making available in Sugar for the first time
  4. significant enough that if not completed properly or without a proper backup plan could delay the release
  5. noteworthy enough to call out in the release notes

What is an enhancement?

Enhancements are:

  1. Less documented improvements to a Sugar release which do follow the feature process and do not fit the feature definition above
  2. Added to the release summary by anyone under heading of Other Enhancements. The release summary for each release lives in the following wiki branches:
    | 0.82 | 0.84 | 0.86 | 0.88 |
    • The wiki template, {{Upcoming Stable Release}} can be used for convenience and general references.

Is <XXX> a feature?

It's sometimes easy to mistake new packages, or enhancements, for features. Features have a very specific definition, but here are some questions to ask yourself before engaging the feature process.

  1. Is this change very visible to end users?
    • In this case "end user" means "someone in the audience for this change", which could be desktop users, developers, or system administrators.
  2. Does this change require intervention?
    • This might be a configuration file format change, or something else that will perturb unsuspecting end users.
    • A change that requires a very simple intervention to revert behavior is not necessarily a feature.
  3. Is this something that will interest the lay press?
    • The lay press in this case includes Education-oriented sites.

What does the feature process look like?

Individual features are tracked on separate wiki pages in the Features/ namespace. Individual features are organized using categories.

  1. New feature ideas may be added at any time to the wiki
  2. New feature desired for a particular release is targeted as such and feature page is complete
  3. Feature passes sanity check by Release Manager
    1. Accepted: The Release Manager moves the Feature to Feature Accepted <version>, such as, Category:Feature Accepted Sucrose 0.114.
    2. Denied: The Release Manager moves the Feature to Category:Feature Page Incomplete for rework or future resubmission

Starting the process

How do I propose a feature idea, even if I can't build it myself?

Community members are encouraged to create new pages for features that enhance or improve Sugar. Anyone can propose new features for Sugar by following these steps:

  1. Copy the markup from the Features/Feature_Template
  2. Add a new wiki subpage named Features/Your feature name and paste the template markup into it.
  3. Add details for each of the sections required in the Template.
    • The template adds [[Category:Feature Page Incomplete]] to the wiki page.
  4. Put a watch on your page by clicking the watch link so you can see changes other people make to your page.
    • You must be logged in to do this.

These pages do not have to be complete and are useful for brainstorming or work in process.

How do I propose a feature I'm going to help build or own?

In order to be considered an official feature accepted for the next Sugar release, the feature should be formally documented on a separate wiki page which includes the following information.

  1. Summary of the feature
  2. A designated owner with a link to Sugar home page. The owner is responsible for:
    1. making sure the feature is completed according to the schedule
    2. communicating periodic status
    3. attending feature status meetings
  3. Current status
    1. last updated
    2. estimated percentage of completion
  4. Description of the new feature
  5. Detailed explanation of what the new feature will do and how it will be implemented
  6. Benefit to Sugar
  7. Scope
  8. How To Test
  9. Dependencies--on other packages or features
  10. Contingency plan
  11. Link to documentation
  12. Important information for release notes

  • Put a watch on your page so you are notified when its category changes. You must be logged in, then click the watch link at the top of the page.
  • A blank template is available at Features/Feature Template

What does the feature form look like?

Feature Template

How does a feature get accepted?

Acceptance by the Release Manger is a sanity check, presumed in most cases to be a formality, to ensure that new features compliment Sugar guidelines and is manageable, prior to publicizing as officially targeted for the next release.

Feature acceptance is agreement by the Release Manager that a particular feature is:

  1. consistent with the goals and policies of Sugar
  2. supported by the Sugar community
  3. suitable for listing as an Official Feature of the next release of Sugar
  4. important to track prior to feature freeze and could affect timeliness of release

What do I need to do over the course of the release cycle?

  1. Feature pages should be updated to reflect the current status of the feature by the following milestones on the Release schedule:
    • Alpha Freeze --features not 100% complete at alpha should be updated no less than every two weeks
    • Beta Freeze
  2. One week prior to Beta Freeze all features will evaluated based on test results to date
  3. At Beta Freeze all feature pages should be at 100% completion, and if necessary, the feature page adjusted to reflect everything completed (so as to reflect 100% completion).
  4. The Release Manager will send individual reminders and announcements to sugar-devel list as necessary
  5. A summary status for all the features targeted to a particular release will be collected on a summary page which references and briefly explains the feature.
    • The Release Manager will maintain this page.
    • This page will be located at: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/<current release>/Feature List, such as 0.114/Feature List
  6. Reminders to developers about upcoming feature deadlines will be sent to sugar-devel
  7. Nag mail to developers with delinquent feature page updates will be emailed privately and shamed in a nice way on sugar-devel

During the process

How do I show the status of a feature I own?

Feature pages should be updated to reflect the current status of the feature.

Are there deadlines for features?

  • New features may be proposed (using the guidelines above) and accepted no later than the Feature Freeze milestone
  • By the time of Alpha freeze:
    • the "Scope" section of the feature must be fleshed out and well defined so that the extent of the work to be completed is understood.
    • defined criteria for success or failure of the feature.
    • fixme: need to clarify this section more
  • By the time of Alpha Freeze, test plans must be complete.
  • New features must be feature complete or close enough to completion by Alpha freeze that a majority of its functionality can be suitably tested--the "feature is testable".
  • At feature freeze the Release Manager will present a final feature status to the release team which the release team will review and comment on
  • After final review by the Release Manager at Feature Freeze the final accepted Feature list (Release Road Map) will be publicly announced.

What is the process for dropping a feature?

A feature will be proposed for a vote to be dropped from the Accepted Feature list by the Release Manager if one of the following occurs:

  • Feature is incomplete or not testable at Feature Freeze
  • Feature owner fails to consistently provide status.

Partially completed features can still be listed as accepted for the upcoming release if the wiki page describing the feature is tailored to reflect the completed work. Dropped features can be proposed again for inclusion in the next release.

Policy questions

Why does this process matter or why should I care?

We want to actively promote new features to the world. As a Sugar developer you benefit from this promotion by attracting testers and more users to make it better.

Is there a way to get an exception from this policy?

Features not meeting the guidelines above may be brought to the Release Manager for review.

Who is responsible for this process?

The person responsible for managing the release, the Release Manager, is designated by the community to fulfill the task.

The feature owner is responsible for watching any owned pages for state changes, using the wiki watch feature.

Current Release Manager: Simon Schampijer