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Allow the user to configure proxy settings using the Sugar Control Panel.


Sascha Silbe

Current status

  • Targeted release: 0.98
  • Last updated: 2012-02-14
  • Percentage of completion: 95%

Detailed Description

Both individual users and deployments need to be able to set a proxy for Sugar and activities to use. While we'd like the system to work that all out automatically (e.g. using WPAD), this often isn't possible. Common reasons include legacy ("inherited") setups and network uplinks simply being out of control of the user respectively deployment.

The existing Network Control Panel is enhanced by adding a new section for the proxy settings. For consistency between Sugar and Gnome, the basic layout of the Gnome 3 proxy settings has been mirrored: A combo box allows the user to select how the proxy setting should be determined (None=direct connection, Automatic=WPAD or PAC, Manual=enter host names and ports for each protocol). Based on which method was selected, additional configuration options are presented to the user.

The settings are stored via gconf, using the same keys as Gnome 2.

Benefit to Sugar

See Detailed Description.


Modifying the existing Network Control Panel.

UI Design

The Feature adds a new section to the Network Control Panel.

Upper part of the Network Control Panel
No proxy (direct connection)
Automatic proxy selection (WPAD)
Manual proxy settings (no authentication)
Manual proxy settings (with authentication)

For comparison, this is what the Gnome 3 proxy settings dialog looks like:


How To Test

  • Set up a proxy on a computer in the same network
  • Open Owner icon → Network Control Panel
  • Change the proxy settings according to your proxy setup
  • Switch to Gnome and check that Gnome Control Center → Network → Network proxy has the same options set
  • Use Browse to access the Sugar Labs home page

User Experience

See UI Design


There are no new dependencies.

Contingency Plan

Users can continue to use the Gnome Control Center to configure proxy settings.


There is no documentation beyond this page.

Release Notes

There have been no changes to public API. The Release Notes merely need to mention that users can now configure proxy settings from within Sugar. As detailed above, the UI is very similar to the Gnome UI.

Comments and Discussion