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Add dbus service to update favorites.


Current status

  • Targeted release: (1.02)
  • Last updated: (5 November 2013)
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

See [1]

Detailed Description

Since Features/Multiple home views landed in Sugar 100, it would be nice to enable user-space updates to the Home views. This requires a new dbus service. The idea is that Sugar activities, e.g., Activities/Share Favorites, could share favorites without requiring a reboot. So, for example, a teacher could share a desktop specific to a lesson plan.

Benefit to Sugar

More ways to share configuration information in the classroom or among buddies w/o requiring a reboot.


In jarabe/view/service.py

                         in_signature='ssb', out_signature=)
    def SetBundleFavorite(self, bundle_id, version, favorite):
            bundle_id, version, favorite)

How To Test

Maximum instances:

  1. Find an activity with maximum_participants set to > 1.
  2. Try to join more than maximum_participants and observe an alert

User Experience

The direct impact on the user will be that they don't have to reboot when receiving favorites from buddies.


No new dependencies

Contingency Plan



Release Notes

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