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* CAcert
* CAcert
===View Source===
* The view source feature in Browse, should show the html page source, added to the activity source.
===Manu's list===
===Manu's list===

Revision as of 21:00, 13 December 2011

Browse functionality and the replacements

Activity toolbar

  • session title
  • share activity

Edit toolbar

  • undo/redo/copy/paste
  • search in Document

View toolbar

  • zoom in/zoom out
  • fullscreen
  • show/hide tray

Home Button

  • go back to home page Patch sent

Title entry

  • show Address/title DONE
  • reload and stop button
  • auto completion

Go back and forward buttons

  • History DONE

Favorite button

  • create a session bookmark
  • create a thumbnail

Stop button

  • quit activity (active downloads?)


  • ctrl + 'd': add link
  • ctrl + 'f': find
  • ctrl + 'l': focus url entry
  • ctrl + 'minus': zoom out
  • ctrl + ['plus', 'equal']: zoom in
  • ctrl + 'Left': go back
  • ctrl + 'Right': go forward
  • ctrl + 'r': reload
  • ctrl + 't': add tab

Multiple tabs

  • page title DONE
  • restore tabs


  • download a file
  • active downloads when closing


  • upload a file


Patch sent

Link palettes

Start all instances in the same process

Browse using xulrunner is a single process activity where all instances are in the same process. We need to see how WebKit handles this.

Authenticate with schoolserver

  • Create a HTTP Cookie to authenticate with the Schoolserver


  • Set intl.accept_languages preference based on the locale

Don't autoplay flash, embed in web page

  • see agent-stylesheet.css in Browse how we did this before (test with njambre.org web page)

There is a free Safari (using WebKit) plugin that does the same: https://github.com/rentzsch/clicktoflash


  • CAcert

View Source

  • The view source feature in Browse, should show the html page source, added to the activity source.

Manu's list

Done in dsd's branch:

  • DONE make stop and reload page buttons work
  • DONE make go home button work
  • DONE make keystrokes go back, go forward, reload
  • DONE make favourites work
  • DONE make edit (undo/redo/copy/paste/search) work
  • TODO make link palette work
  • TODO make downloadmanager work