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The manual Make Your Own Sugar Activities! was written by James Simmons a few years ago. It is still the most complete guide to making Sugar Activities, but it is already out of date. Two things have changed since it was first published:

  1. Python is now at version 3, and will not run code for version 2. Python 3 uses GTK3 to create user interfaces and that will also break existing code. The examples in the book need to be updated and re-tested.
  2. When James wrote the book he hoped it would help students write their own Activities. Whether the book helped or not, the fact is that students are writing Sugar Activities and even contributing to the Sugar environment itself. It is time for these students to stand up and be counted. Show off what you know, put your bio in the "About The Authors" chapter, and enjoy the benefits of being a published author. Impress friends, family, girls, boys, and future employers.

Of the two reasons to update the book the second one is clearly the most important.

Possible tasks

  1. Create versions of the code samples in the book that work with Python 3 and GTK 3. These will go in the Git repository alongside the old versions (instead of just replacing them).
  2. Have you "Sugarized" an application not originally written for Sugar? Write a chapter explaining how you did it!
  3. Find a PyGame application that uses olpcgames, rework it to use SugarGame, and write up how you did it!
  4. Have you worked on improvements to Sugar itself? Tell us about it! Did your changes become part of the official Sugar distribution? How did you make that happen? How did you do testing, version control, etc? We want the whole story!
  5. Do you know how to do something else that isn't in the book but should be? Write a chapter about it!
  6. Can you do a good translation from English to Spanish (or Spanish to English?) There is a Spanish version of the book at We need to make any improvements to one manual have a translated version in the other. Some of our authors may prefer to write in Spanish, so we might need translators for both directions.

We'll write the manual using software called Booktype, which is like a Wiki that can make books. All you need is a web browser. The Sugar Browse Activity should be fine. The books will be published for free on the Internet Archive, as webpages on the FLOSS Manuals website, and as attractive printed books and Kindle e-books on sites in the U.S. and Europe.