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This are the list of all GCI works, included patches and status.
List of all finished tasks.
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List of all finished tasks.

Task User Types
Geomapping design Austin User Interface
Absolute date/time Emil Dudev Code
Color-coded devices Ignacio Rodriguez User Interface
Brightness mode Joseph Muchengeti User Interface
Stop pulsing icon Stefan Moraru Code
Time filters Emil Dudev Code
set mimetypes Christofer Yael Roibal Perez Code
New icon for the Journal detail view Kumar Ayush User Interface
Bug Report documentation Toshita Documentation/Training
OSK design Jason Yeomans User Interface
Export outline in Mindmap Starbuck Johnson Code
Transfer all metadata Emil Dudev Code
Activity skeletons Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Activity-specific badges in Journal Sai Vineet User Interface
Force close Rafael Cordano Code
Keyboard navigation Sai Vineet Quality Assurance
Browse UI Sai Vineet Code
Untriaged Rachel Finger Quality Assurance
Add support for PDF export Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Browse save Turtle Art projects to Journal Emil Dudev Code
Sugar Network Videos 6 Ameet Rahane Documentation/Training
Complete i18n of ASLO Ignacio Rodriguez Quality Assurance
UI change in intro screens Ignacio Rodriguez Code
How to videos 2 Ameet Rahane Documentation/Training
More formats for Read Sai Vineet Code
Python emulator Emil Dudev Code
Chat UI improvement Jorge Gomez Code
Sugar Network Videos 2 Ameet Rahane Documentation/Training
Paint tools enhancement Emil Dudev Code
Calculate export Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Web Services Exploration Victoria Outreach/Research
Text mode for Browse Jorge Gomez Code
Mic volume Emil Dudev Code
Improved icon design Ignacio Rodriguez User Interface
Add better support for sharing in the sugar toolkit Agustin Zubiaga Code
fullscreen property Diego-14 Code
Add pen to Physics Sai Vineet Code
design mic level icons Emil Dudev User Interface
How to comicbooks 6 Meluleki Documentation/Training
Port memorize to GTK3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Turtle art help message positioning Jorge Gomez Code
Python tutorial Jorge Gomez Documentation/Training
SoaS download Jorge Gomez Code
take advantage of system sound and image library Ignacio Rodriguez Code
File Sharing Web Service Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Physics trace enhancement Sai Vineet Code
Convert Maze to gtk3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
port triples to gtk3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
use art4apps audio in an app Ignacio Rodriguez Code
How to videos 4 SAMdroid Documentation/Training
Control Panel layout Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Physics cursor Sai Vineet Code
Best of web collection JakeRullman Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research
Terminal bug Jorge Gomez Code
Turtle Art svg output Jorge Gomez Code
Python emulator enhancement 1 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Port Numbers to gtk3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Paste text in Paint Agustin Zubiaga Code
Stopwatch enhancement Emil Dudev Code
Physics Pen enhancements Sai Vineet Code
Broken string format Jorge Gomez Code
How to videos 1 Connor Vickers Documentation/Training
Automated activity testing Sai Vineet Code
GSettings port Emil Dudev Code
Additional folders in Journal Emil Dudev Code
Journal progress Emil Dudev Code
Sugar clipboard Ignacio Rodriguez Code
No palette for SVG images Jorge Gomez Code
Mazes with holes Emil Dudev Code
Reorder playlist in Jukebox Sai Vineet Code
Maze enhancements Jorge Gomez Code
Journal design enhancements Meluleki User Interface
Reorder boxes in Fototoon Jorge Gomez Code
IRC enhancements Meluleki User Interface
Paint UI improvement Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Canvas-only screenshot Emil Dudev Code
Arabic numeral support in Calculate kluo Code
Memorize: use gamepad Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Notification enhancement Joseph Muchengeti User Interface
Moon enhancements 3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Design an icon for mime-type text/x-python Ignacio Rodriguez User Interface
Set locale for default room in IRC Ignacio Rodriguez Code
gtk-accelerator Jorge Gomez Code
View Source paths Emil Dudev Code
Port JAMediatube to GTK2 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Duplicate progress bar Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Clear all in Physics Sai Vineet Code
Port letters to gtk3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Install webservices activity Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Active activity should move to first place in the list in the frame Jorge Gomez Code
How to comicbooks 2 Joseph Muchengeti Documentation/Training
Learn to read website FaithOh Outreach/Research
add color theme selection to Terminal Emil Dudev Code
Convert Spirolaterals to GTK3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
How to videos 10 Ignacio Rodriguez Documentation/Training
Physics object attributes Sai Vineet Code
gdrive web service Ignacio Rodriguez Code
How to comicbooks 7 Tannous Marc Documentation/Training
convert sokoban to GTK3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
UI bug (checkbox) Jorge Gomez Code
Record UI improvement SAMdroid Code
Activity to manage home views Ignacio Rodriguez Code
canvas only screenshot two Christofer Yael Roibal Perez Code
Thumbnail view for Journal SAMdroid Code
How to comicbooks 4 Tannous Marc Documentation/Training
bundle_id with space causes most activities to disappear SAMdroid Code
retrospective activity Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Gamify Sugar Network Palindrome Outreach/Research
preview images for pygame activities Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Refactor sugar-iconify Jorge Gomez Code
Add favorites name to Home Page management activity Sai Vineet Code
Port follow me to Gtk3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Port Physics activity to Gtk3 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
add style.MENU_WIDTH_CHARS Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Record with game keys Ignacio Rodriguez Code
turtle object for JS Jorge Gomez Code
How to comicbooks 3 Nimesh Documentation/Training
qr reader Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Add option to specify icon when exporting Pippy project as Sugar activity Ignacio Rodriguez Code
port the Turtle Art sprite library to javascript Jorge Gomez Code
Add collaboration support to sugargame Ignacio Rodriguez Code
make ODP button insensitve Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Add prelight to icons Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Gardening the Sugar Network / Jardineando la Red Azucar Ignacio Rodriguez Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance
split save/load palette into two separate palettes Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Physics pen color problem Sai Vineet Code
robotics examples Rafael Cordano Code
Set home view names Sai Vineet Code
mini Turtle Art Jorge Gomez Code
How to videos 9 Nimesh Documentation/Training
unnecessary checkout for getting file size Christofer Yael Roibal Perez Code
Implement neighborhood redesign Ignacio Rodriguez Code
gdrive volume Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Journal view redesign SAMdroid Code
Copy/Paste doesn't work in Browse address entry Jorge Gomez Code
show_launcher = no still shows in launcher SAMdroid Code
How to comicbooks 5 Sergey Lebedev Documentation/Training
Rope for Physics Sai Vineet Code
How to comicbooks 1 Ignacio Rodriguez Documentation/Training
Calculations exceeding two lines do not fit in the result area Jorge Gomez Code
Cache clearing for Browse Rafael Cordano Code
Add description to activity palette Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Update Turtle Blocks wiki page Ignacio Rodriguez Documentation/Training
Language control panel Jorge Gomez Code
forced view updates Emil Dudev Code
Network forget Agustin Zubiaga Code
Distance UI improvements Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Better icons/toolbar layout in ImageViewer Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Filter input to Chart Sai Vineet Code
Add game key support to Stopwatch Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Pippy i18n examples Jorge Gomez Code
Button design Tannous Marc User Interface
Implode help bug Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Export Sugar icons from Turtle Blocks Jorge Gomez Code
Touch UI: esc fullscreen Emil Dudev Code
Chat UI enhancement Jorge Gomez Code
Full-screen mode in Cartoon Builder Jorge Gomez Code
Audio notifications Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Log UI improvements Joseph Muchengeti User Interface
setlocale kluo Code
Screenshot Ignacio Rodriguez User Interface
Moon enhancements 2 Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Pippy more robust to bad journal enties Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Finance UI enhancement Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Fix broken string-formatting syntax Jorge Gomez Code
How to comicbooks 8 Nimesh Documentation/Training
Change font in Chart Agustin Zubiaga Code
Calculate enhancement AndrewX Code
How to videos 5 Sergey Lebedev Documentation/Training
Poll builder on small displays Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Change background image in Fototoon Jorge Gomez Code
Words pair-wise translations Jorge Gomez Code
Filter for bundles Ezequiel Pereira Lopez Code
Add web blocks to Turtle Art Scimonster Code
Export object positions in Physics Sai Vineet Code
Export to ODP in Turtle Blocks Jorge Gomez Code
Record to external device SAMdroid Code
Pippy copy/paste Ignacio Rodriguez Code
Read font Bobeica Cosmin User Interface
Better color-selector design frog@Jonathan User Interface
Memory leak in Physics Sai Vineet Code
Show progress on install Kristian Hansen Code
Activity/Journal views Joseph Muchengeti User Interface
Sugar version Agustin Zubiaga Code
Neighborhood view Ignacio Rodriguez User Interface