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Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
Move api.sugarlabs.org to sunjammer dfarning
Move buildbot.sugarlabs.org to sunjammer dfarning
Move pydocweb.sugarlabs.org to sunjammer dfarning

Requested Tasks

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Completed Tasks

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We are considering a couple of possibilities:

  • MIT provides a backup service for a few bucks per machine per month via Tivoli
  • Harvard Computer Society filer

Shell accounts

Setup workload will be distributed between the sysadmins and a few members of the core team.


  • CMS to host a few, nice looking, official pages.
  • git for both core and activities. personal repos. (ssh access for devs)
  • Trac for core and activities
  • buildbot, master + a few slaves (ssh access for devs)
  • RT system
    • Is this really needed? We can just use other infrastructure for help requests... Firefoxman 19:27, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
  • Pootle
  • LDAP or OpenID authentication across various Sugarlabs tools