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== Authors ==
== Authors ==
* Martin Abente
* Martin Abente (tch)
* Andres Ambrois
* Andres Ambrois (aa)
* Gonzalo Odiard
* Gonzalo Odiard (godiard)
== Goals ==
== Goals ==

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  • Martin Abente (tch)
  • Andres Ambrois (aa)
  • Gonzalo Odiard (godiard)


Our goal is to improve the journal usability adding new features and extensions.


  • Use the new toolbar.
  • Enable multiple files operations.
  • Improve the use of tags.

New toolbar

The current journal toolbar ran out of space for new options, at the same time it makes sense to use the new toolbars already available.

Multiple files operations

  • Add a checkbox column to every journal entry.
  • Display the edit sub-toolbar when more than one entries are sectected.

Permitted Operations

  • Copy
  • Send to
  • Remove (this operation should display a warning before committing)

All of this operations should display a proper progress bar.


In this work we propose to remove the current star icon and replace it by tags. We propose to add a new sub-toolbar to manage the creation and deletion of tags. These tags could be used by dragging tags and dropping them on the journal entry.