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Click Sugar. Click Mac.

Use Mac and Sugar at the same time on the same computer. Sugar in a window allows you to switch instantly between them. This is the most flexible way of using Sugar on an Intel Mac.

  • The Journal is saved to disk, so a learner's work is preserved.
  • Multiple learners may share the same machine with minor effort.
  • Sugar shares your Mac's media effortlessly. CD/DVD, Network, etc.

All this is possible by using Virtual Machine software. Virtualization puts an entire computer into a file on your Intel Mac. Install Sugar in that file and boot it with a Virtual computer. Once the boot finishes, you have Sugar in a window. There are many virtualization applications for Intel Mac, to name a few:

VirtualBox has a free to use license. Learn how to use it here: VirtualBox. Instructions for other applications may be available on this wiki and elsewhere.
Note: Virtualization doesn't have the same speed penalty as emulation. The use of Intel processor Emulation on PowerPC Mac is not recommended. Due to the processing speeds of PowerPC Macs, installing Linux and Sugar will drastically outperform emulation.