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Sugar on Caixa Mágica the Magellan project

Magalhães is a Caixa Mágica based GNU/Linux distribution.


On Caixa Mágica box

Get it:

wget -c

Create a disk image:

qemu-img create -f raw caixamagica.raw 3G

Install it:

kvm -m 512 -hda caixamagica.raw -cdrom caixamagica-linux-12-live-GNOME-pt_PT-cdrom-i586.iso -boot d

Boot, log in as root and add an user:

adduser sugar
password sugar

Add repositories:

urpmi.addmedia sugar
urpmi.addmedia main
urpmi.addmedia main_update --update
urpmi.addmedia contrib
urpmi.addmedia contrib_update --update

Install Sugar:

urpmi sugar-glucose
urpmi sugar-fructose

On Magalhães box

If you don't have installed Magalhães:

  • download VM image
  • untar it
  • start kvm with untared .vmdk file like with common kvm's disk image

Add repositories:

urpmi.addmedia sugar

Install Sugar:

urpmi sugar-glucose
urpmi sugar-fructose


Sugar packages are being built by jhconvert and follow its matrix of package versions.


  • 0.83.x


Sugar repository includes some stuff that installed in /opt/sugar. When sugar doesn't start make sure that proper exports present(look at /usr/bin/sugar)