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| guillaume.desmottes@collabora.co.uk
| guillaume.desmottes@collabora.co.uk
| Telepathy, Collaboration framework
| Telepathy, Collaboration framework
| [[User:Cjb|Cjb]]
| Chris Ball
| cjb@laptop.org
| OLPC software
| [[User:Eben|Eben]]
| [[User:Eben|Eben]]

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alpha order, please this way to -> Sugarcamp

Wiki Real Name e-mail Works on
Bemasc Ben Schwartz bmschwar@fas.harvard.edu Random Community guy
Bernie Bernie Innocenti bernie@codewiz.org Sugar Labs infrastructure
Meeting mismanagement
brendan0powers Brendan Powers brendan@resara.com Not sure yet
Cassidy Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes@collabora.co.uk Telepathy, Collaboration framework
Cjb Chris Ball cjb@laptop.org OLPC software
Eben Eben Eliason eben@laptop.org Sugar UI
dfarning David Farning dfarning@sugarlabs.org Sugar Ecosystem
jg Jim (Joe) Gettys jg at laptop dot org OLPC Software
N/A (joef) Joseph (Joe) Feinstein joe at laptop dot org OLPC QA
Marcopg Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti@gmail.com Sugar über developer
Mchua Mallory (Mel) Chua mel at laptop dot org OLPC QA (community testing)
SL volunteer (welcome-wagon)
Morgs Morgan Collett morgan.collett@gmail.com Collaboration developer
rkabir Ryan Kabir rkabir@alum.mit.edu TBD
Tomeu Tomeu Vizoso tomeu@tomeuvizoso.net Sugar developer
Yamaplos Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos@gmail.com wetware interfacing (usability)

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  • C. Scott Ananian (speaker)
  • Michael Stone (speaker)
  • Chris Ball (speaker)
  • Jim Gettys
  • Martin Langhoff (?) (speaker)
  • Walter Bender (at the end of the week) (speaker)
  • Wade Brainerd (Monday at least)
  • Caroline Meeks
  • Greg de Koenigsberg
  • Brian Jordan
  • Edward Mokurai Cherlin (Silicon Valley) 16 eve-22 afternoon
  • Greg S. Will try to stop by when I can. Waiting to see the agenda to figure out exactly when.
  • John Tierney
  • Christian Marc Schmidt
  • Chris Rowe (speaker) Open Learning Exchange (OLE)
  • Ryan Kabir