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Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2008-10-03

Sugar Labs/Oversight Board/Minutes/Log-2008-10-03
walter, marcopg, erikos, gregdek, cjb, dirakx, morgs


  • We are still waiting for three board signatures in order to finalize our membership in the SFC.
    • We are retaining the SFLC for legal council.
  • We discussed a grant proposal being drafted for the Digital Media Literacy competition.
    • Much of the discussion revolved around precedents we want to set regarding the hiring of contractors, consultants, etc. We agreed to write up a framework for discussion in the wiki.
  • The finance committee reported:
Revenue 0
Spending 0
  • We discussed the status of efforts to bundle Sugar in various distributions, including Mandriva.
    • Greg reported that a LiveCD Fedora image is working,
    • Walter agreed to report back on the efforts to transform a Boston Public School computer lab into a Sugar lab using LiveUSBs
  • We discussed the new logo and ideas for incorporating it into the wiki.
    • Walter mentioned that he made some Sugar business cards at moo.com (the logo fits nicely on the minimoo cards).
  • Simon led a discussion about the Bugsquad.
    • We agreed that we should be tracking bugs and hosting code at Sugar Labs, but want to discuss the transition process in more detail with Greg Dek. in regard to community impact.
  • Simon also led a discussion about a release party.
    • We should issue a press release for 0.82.

The next meeting will be in two weeks, 17 October 2008.