Oversight Board/2010/Meeting Minutes-2010-02-26

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walter, tomeu, seandaly, bernie, canoeberry, cjb

Some community members (including sdziallas and dogi) attended the meeting.


  1. Trademark policy
  2. Google Summer of Code
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Goals for 2010


It was expected that cjb and SeanDaly would draft some new TM and run it past the community for review. This was not completed, but nonetheless we spent most of the meeting discussing the merits of automatic vs manual issuing of licensing and problems of enforcement.

Google Summer of Code

It was just mentioned that Walter and Tim are working on our application.


MOTION: Authorize Bernie to spec out a machine around $2000, send details to systems@ for review, decide exactly where it will be hosted, then buy it.

Approved: 4 yes; 2 abstain; 1 absent

Goals for 2010

Not discussed due to lack of time.

Next meeting

Friday, 5 March 2010 16:00 UTC (Note: We will again be meeting one hour later than usual.)


Meeting Log