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About me

My name is Anmol Mishra(octamois), I have been associated as a volunteer with Sugar Labs for quite a while now. I was GSoC 2018 Student, currently a GCI 2018 mentor. I am a student doing my undergrad with Computer Science as majors from India. Irrespective of any decision for this election, I am here to be long-term associate with Sugar Labs. :)


• Making effective guidelines for mentors and guidelines for different programs and committee.

• Keeping the legacy of Sugar Labs intact by contributing to different projects.

• Developing some policy/plan which can improve the quality of work by committee.

• Keeping new contributors stick to the organisation has been a bit challenging task, they just come and go, being a SLOB member, it will enable developing some of the strategies for keeping their interest. For example- Some digital certificate for 6months streak or similar approach.


I will be available for meetings on regular basis, Some meeting can be on the basis of volunteering, It will improve transparency as well as does not put anyone in authority.