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SLOB Meeting -- April 14, 2021

Attending: Walter, Lionel, Ibiam, Jui



No transactions as of yet in 2021






30 applications: 10 on Sugar, 11 on MusicBlocks, 9 on Sugarizer

We have to decide on slots by 3 May.

Ibiam Contract

w/o Alex, who will be supervising the work, we deferred the discussion.

Next Meeting

28 April 2021

Meeting Log

walterbender: hello everyone; hola todos

llaske_: Hi Walter,

walterbender: any other SLOB members here?

Jui Pradhan: Hi

walterbender: Claudia told me she is unavailable; We just need 1 more for a quorum; Well, let's get started... Nothing to report re finances ; nothing from our ombudsperson ; nothing re the SFC from Claudia; On to the real business of the day; We have 30 proposals for GSoC

llaske_: 10 on Sugar, 11 on MusicBlocks, 9 on Sugarizer

walterbender: I think we'll find 3 solid ones for Music Blocks

llaske_: I guess at least 2 on Sugarizer

Jui Pradhan: Not sure about Sugar.. would have to discuss with Ibiam

llaske_: We have until 3 May to review it and to ask for slots

Jui Pradhan: Last year contributions even after the application deadline were counted.... Maybe we should put up a similar message on the mailing list..

llaske_: Yes, why not

walterbender: +1; I think overall orgs got somewhat fewer applications this year because of the changes on Google's end

llaske_: It's strange the idea was to have more proposals!

Jui Pradhan: I have heard many organizations were confused about the project ideas... Like too less time was the issue here

llaske_: I think we had about 80 proposals last year

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Hi Everyone.

llaske_: Hi Ibiam

Jui Pradhan: Hello; I think it was 49.... James' email said 49

walterbender: Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Will you be able to take the lead on reviewing the Sugar proposals?

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: So far I've only seen 1 solid proposal and we've about 4 or 5 total for Sugar.

llaske_: Ah okay, my bad was 2 years ago probably

walterbender: Anindya and I wlll do the MB ones

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I think it's more a matter of when the students started communicating with the community and this year for Sugar they started a bit late and we've seen very little contributions besides issues and most gets closed not too long after they're open.; Yeah agreed, although another reason is lots of people are looking for new shiny tech so they're applying to those orgs with such tools as that's what they've learnt.

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Agreed. I only saw a lot of activity on jamath

walterbender: the MB discussions have been ongoing for quite some time

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: RE: Will you be able to take the lead on reviewing the Sugar proposals? Yeah I can do that.

walterbender: lots of contributions from would-be GSoC students. of varying degrees of quality :P some quite excellent

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Yeah and I'm glad about that. I was hoping someone would take on the ASLO project but the only student who'd said they had PHP experience didn't respond anymore after been directed toward the project.

walterbender: Let's see what we get... hopefully 6-9 quality projects again; anything else re this topic?

llaske_: Nope

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Nothing from me.

walterbender: We meet one more time before we need to request slots... so we can all do our homework in the meantime reviewing

Jui Pradhan: +1

walterbender: then our fearless admins can push the button :P

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Agreed.

llaske_: +1

walterbender: I was hoping Alex (@MrBios) would be here to discuss Ibiam's contract. Chihurumnaya Ibiam: did you two discuss it?

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Yeah I was hoping so too but he's been quite busy lately. Yeah we did and he'd said he'd come to the board to decide on the renewal as we don't have a tax exempt status yet so there are still some legal fees that we might need to cover and we don't have all our funds yet so funds might be an issue.

walterbender: I don't want to keep kicking the can down the road... maybe the three of us can find a time to talk off cycle so we can present a clear plan of action to the board (via email is fine by me)

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: This was his thought. I agree, this weekend is good for me and he might be available on Saturday.

walterbender: We can find some way to work around the funding challenge I am sure... as long as we have a clear statement of work and value

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Agreed, that was my POV. Although the review of existing work is still pending. And I'm yet to get the payment for that. I think that should be gotten out of the way.

walterbender: I presume James as responsible for that review? (I was not on SLOB when that contract was agreed to). Maybe Alex can do the review if James is not available?

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Yeah that was the earlier agreement and he also hasn't reviewed recent draft PRs, been busy I guess.

Jui Pradhan: If there are any PRs or work that needs testing, I'll volunteer......I have a packed schedule till 24th will get it done as I find some free time

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I'll ask him to. I think Alex was about doing a review this past week but he seems to be really busy with work so it's taking some time. I'd sent a link to the SLOBs list earlier about two currently open PRs that need testing.

walterbender: maybe PR reviews should go to sugar_dev???

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: https://github.com/sugarlabs/viewslides/pull/12 https://github.com/sugarlabs/tamtam/pull/12 Sure and they're on Github too and haven't gotten any attention since they were opened. Claudia said she wanted to test but I need to make an image with the latest commits so it'll be easier for her to test. I'll do that sometime this week.

Jui Pradhan: Thanks for sharing the links here... I'll look at the open PRs too

walterbender: any other business for today?

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Nothing from me.

llaske_: Nothing on my side

Jui Pradhan: Nothing on my side