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PacMath is an educational game based off the well known 80's arcade game PacMan. Using the original game concept PacMath will add fourth grade level math to the fun and exciting game of PacMan in order to make learning fun. The game will provide the student with different problems and in order to solve the problem correctly the student will have to eat the ghost with the correct answer.

How It Works

  • One Player
  • Board Setup like the Original PacMan (one Maze to start off)
  • If the player eats a Power Pellet (4 per level)
    • Question Appears (4 per level -> 1 per Power Pellet)
    • After the four Power Pellets have been eaten and answer correctly a new 'level' (so to speak) begins
    • Player has to eat the Ghost with the correct answer (answers will be displayed on the ghosts
throughout the entire 'level'
    • If the player eats the wrong answer they DIE!!!
    • If the player eats 100 (may change) regular pellets they gain a life
  • Questions
    • Some default ones to start off with (come with the activity)
    • GUI/Prompt for the teacher to input their own questions (the activity will load the file)
    • The answer will have a digit limit (thinking 3 digits)

Code Structure Plan

-Questions (default question list provided) -Maze (single maze to start) -Player -Ghost -Game (control) -Activity (main) -Setup (for loading on the XO)

Group Members

Yasser Hernandez, Taylor Plimpton, Abel Rendon Jr, Dennis Rodriguez

Sketch Up